Titanic TV explores the history of the doomed ship

TITANICCHANNEL.TV is a new video-on-demand platform where absolutely every piece of content is in some way focused on the ship that set sail from Southampton on April 10, 1912 on its way to the US but hit an iceberg and sank four days into its crossing.

"Our goal is to curate a definitive global resource on all things Titanic, old and new, through programming that can be shared with anyone at the click of a button," said the channel's co-creator Gregory Hall, who has been working on the idea since 2015.

Hall and his business partner, producer Donald Baret, have tracked down experts on the Titanic from all around the world to create the programming that will populate the platform.

Each new episode will be presented by a renowned expert or explorer but in a way that won't alienate those with just a passing interest. "Anyone that knows the movie Titanic will find something in our programming that will completely capture them and expand their horizons of interest, knowledge and entertainment," said Baret.

As well as original content, subscribers will also be able to access a forum dedicated to all aspects of the great ship to debate and exchange ideas and to communicate directly with experts and academics.

"We have exclusively assembled renowned Titanic scholars from all over the world, experts who provide the original programming, daily and exclusively to subscribers," said Baret. "We're delivering new facts, new stories, theories, analysis and educated opinions behind the most famous ship in the world, whose hold on the interest and imaginations of people globally just doesn't diminish."

The new service that will stream on desktops, tablets and smartphones. — AFP Relaxnews