(Video) Condom in soup – scam or major fail?

A VIDEO footage of a diner fishing out a used condom from a soup dish has gone viral.

Two friends were dining in a restaurant in Hubei area in central China recently when they made the appetite-killing discovery.

The video taken with a mobile phone, showed the diners helping themselves to a hot-pot style meal.

Half way through the meal, one of them pulled out a used condom with a pair of chopsticks.

This caused the woman diner to recoil in horror.

The video showed the woman stunned into silence before the man started swearing.

He demanded to see the manager and a waitress was seen hurrying away from the table.

The restaurant couldn't ascertain if the condom find was a scam by the diners to seek compensation as it didn't have CCTV in place.

Do you think it was a scam by the diners or a major fail by the restaurant?

Watch the video here: