Jakim debunks viral post on non-halal chocolate

PETALING JAYA: A viral posting claiming that a chocolate product called "Eyeglass with Candy" contained non-halal ingredients has been debunked by the Malaysian Islamic Development Department (Jakim),

In a statement today, Jakim said the Facebook user had failed to read the product label carefully which clearly states: "free from pig's products and its derivatives", thus creating a misunderstanding when it was spread across social media.

"The Eyeglass with Candy chocolate manufactured by Goodfood Industries Sdn Bhd has a Malaysia halal certification that is still valid until to date.

"In issuing halal certification, Syariah specialists and food technologists take into account each ingredient and the processes in manufacturing a product," Jakim said.

As such, Jakim advised consumers to be well informed by referring to the relevant authorities first prior to circulating and sharing a halal-related issues.

To prevent misinformation from being spread, Jakim also advised consumers to check the halal status of products on its website at www.halal.gov.my or through its app Myjakim.

"Consumers can also refer to Jakim's Facebook page should they have concerns on halal issues that have gone viral on social media," Jakim said.

Jakim's response came after a Facebook user uploaded pictures of the product which the user claimed was labelled with ingredients "from pig's products".