As seen on the runway: Hot hair trends for fall/winter 2017

Fenty x Puma by Rihanna also brought bright colours to hair for winter 2017, seen here with matching eye makeup. — AFP
Chanel voyaged into space with a futuristic collection matched with volume-boosted hair. — AFP
Andrew GN covered heads in cornrows, a hot trend for fall/winter 2017. — AFP
Valentino kept hair soft and loose, with flowing natural locks with a slight wave. — AFP
Alexander McQueen's ponytails were worn very low, in a 'done' yet undone style with crimped strands left loose around the face. — AFP
Hair was worn loose at TOGA and adorned with various jewellery creations. — AFP
This Moschino style may not be so easy to recreate at home ... unless you happen to have a spare bike wheel, a lot of patience and perfect balance. — AFP
Atsushi Nakashima created intricate, complex styles by weaving flat strips into models' hair. — AFP
Hair at Versace was vibrant and contemporary, worn loose but with brightly coloured flashes, sometimes in fluorescent yellow. — AFP
Maison Margiela worked several of the season's trends into modern and original styles, with two-toned hair, buns, braids and hair jewels. — AFP
Centre partings were also seen on the Victoria Beckham runway, with natural styles and hair tucked behind ears. — AFP
Ponytails were worn low at Tory Burch, tied with a wide ribbon and leaving a few strands loose at the front. — AFP
Centre partings were order of the day at Ralph Lauren, with hair worn in natural styles. — AFP
J. W. Anderson went for neater styles. The ponytail was low and hair was swept round over one shoulder. — AFP
In keeping with the collection's clothes and makeup, hairstyles were dark and edgy, almost provocative. — AFP

AFTER a stiletto-clad marathon across the world's four fashion capitals, it's time to take stock of the various trends spotted on the runway for the fall/winter 2017 season. Like for clothing and makeup, hairstyles had a mostly natural vibe at the latest fashion month. Still, certain designers showed off more sophisticated creations, with glamorous, rock 'n' roll and eccentric styles.

The fall/winter 2017 season has several hair trends in store. The runway's bright dye-jobs, plaits, ponytails, buns – and even double buns – were joined by a host of natural styles, worn loose and relaxed but still perfectly finished. There are plenty of easy-to-replicate styles to try, for both daytime and evening looks.

Here's a look at some of the hottest hair trends from the recent Fashion Month, which started Feb 9 and ran until March 7. — AFP Relaxnews