Key Asic technology for Taiwan fitness equipment company

PETALING JAYA: Semiconductor design company Key Asic Bhd said it has signed a contract with Alexandave Industries Ltd, a fitness equipment company based in Taiwan, to develop the next generation of intelligent fitness and rehabilitation equipment.

Key Asic specialises in design and manufacturing of Internet of Things (IoT) chips and systems, connecting any electronics and non-electronic items to the internet. Its customers are largely in the US, Russia and Asia.

In a note yesterday, the company said it will design and manufacture the next generation of intelligent product for senior citizens in improving their reflex and alertness.

Its chairman Eg Kah Yee said the company has been focusing on healthcare IoT space on getting the devices connected to the internet and it expects to have more breakthrough in the fitness space as people are increasingly health conscious.

“We have our IoT products in the medical care market and we are now extending our technology into the fitness and rehabilitation market,” he added.