A lawyer with a 'spooky' second job

SITI Rasidah Abd Radzaz is a successful lawyer by profession. But her other job is far from conventional - she manages dead bodies.

The 34-year-old who was Johor's deputy public prosecutor from 2008 until 2015, is now a partner at a law firm. When she is not busy upholding justice, Siti bathes the bodies of dead Muslim women.

Her journey began after SPM when she would follow her mother, who worked with the Johor Islamic Religious Council (MAIJ), to assist in funeral processions for Muslim women.

"I started following my mom when i was around 17 years old," she told theSun, adding that at first, she just followed instructions but over time, was allowed to handle the corpse by herself.

Today, Siti often posts tips on how to conduct Islamic funeral customs and rituals on Facebook to share her knowledge with others. A recent post on how to cut "kain kapan" was shared over 60 times.

Siti estimates that she has bathed 1,000 bodies ranging from babies to adults, throughout the years.

However, she admitted that this career is not for the faint-hearted. She has cried while bathing the remains of a family member or friend, she recalls.

While many may find her job creepy, Siti says she has never experienced any spooky incidents because she has good intentions.

"Maybe it's because my intention when I handle the bodies is to help and contribute back to society. Furthermore, bathing the corpses is part of "fardu kifayah" in Islam," she shared.

Siti noted that many people are reluctant to bathe the remains of others if the deceased is not part of their family.

By sharing information on the topic, she hopes people, especially the younger generation, will be more aware of the Islamic funeral rituals and how to manage a person's remains.