(Video) Creepy video shows possessed maid?

CREEPY footage showing a woman who is allegedly possessed has spooked netizens after going viral on social media.

The CCTV footage was posted by a user named Nurul on the 'All Singapore Stuff' Facebook page. Nurul claimed that the woman in the footage is her domestic helper who was possessed after stepping out of the shower.

In the video, a woman with long hair is seen hunched over as she stands in the living room of a flat. She seems to behave irrationally as she points to a corner of the flat, her hair covering her face.

At one point, the woman cranes her neck and stares at the CCTV camera with a deadly look in her eyes.

She then turns and walks towards the dining room. The video abruptly cuts to a clip of the woman lying on the floor.

In the post, Nurul said fortunately, her mother and children were not at home during the episode.

While many netizens were creeped out by the video, some claimed it looked edited. Several Facebook users even opined that the maid had faked the whole incident so she would be sent back to her home country.

Real or fake? You be the judge.