(Video) Street justice for backlane criminals in Ipoh

TWO would-be robbers got a dose of street justice as passers-by stopped them from fleeing the scene of a crime at a backlane in Ipoh.

The two criminals on motorcycle stopped beside a parked car in a back alley of a hawker centre in the recent incident. They tried to open the driver's car door but failed.

Their getaway was foiled by a passer-by who witnessed the attempted robbery as the women driver sat scared stiff in her car.

The Good Samaritan in red shirt managed to grab hold of the handle of the motorcycle, preventing them from getting away.

Several others joined in to apprehend the two criminals, and the whole episode was captured on CCTV.

However, they released the two would-be robbers who argued that no crime was committed as they didn't rob the victim.

Watch the video here: