(Video) Woman's last moments caught on livestream before fatal car crash

A SHOCKING livestream video that has gone viral purportedly captures the last moments of a female driver before she dies in a car crash.

The short clip, filmed on a mobile phone and streamed on Russian social media site VK, shows a young woman recording a livestream in her car on the way to work in Kazan, Tatarstan.

The woman, identified as Sitora B, 22, films herself chatting to friends and followers on social media and cheerfully singing along to the radio.

Suddenly, her car starts shaking and a look of terror flashes across her face as her phone falls from the dashboard. The screen then blacks out.

A few second later, viewers are greeted by the shocking clip of the woman's limp body leaning out of the passenger seat window, with blood flowing from a severe head wound.

The gruesome scene, filmed by a witness of the accident, shows her car almost crushed in half as it had been hit by a bus, killing her on the spot.

The strong impact of the crash flung her out of the driver's seat and hurled her across to the passenger seat.

According to police, the victim had been distracted by the online broadcast and accidentally drifted across lanes. Her car strayed into the oncoming lane and collided with a bus.

The bus driver and a passenger were also injured in the accident.

In a statement on its website, police reminded drivers to always stay focused while driving and be extremely cautious on the road.

Watch the video here: