Press Digest - Dong Zong to hold inter-racial meeting on UEC

DONG Zong (United Chinese School Committee) says it will soon hold an inter-racial meeting on Unified Examination Certificate (UEC) where major education organisations will be invited to give their views on the subject.

“Dong Zong believes that the academic value of UEC and the important contributions of its holders to the nation can be identified and highlighted through rational discussions and interactions,” the Chinese education organisation said in a report published in China Press today.

Dong Zong stressed that Bahasa Melayu (BM) is a compulsory subject for UEC and the organisation respects the position of BM as Malaysia’s official language.

“The various types of schools in Malaysia have progressed alongside one another since independence. Recognising UEC will not affect the position of BM as the national language, let alone go against the Federal Constitution.

“As such, any accusation that Dong Zong is extreme or UEC is not suited for Malaysia is not correct,” Dong Zong said in a statement issued on Monday.

At a roundtable meeting in Kuala Lumpur last Saturday, Malay rights group Perkasa said it will take the matter of the UEC to court should the government press ahead to recognise the certificate.

The roundtable was against the recognition of UEC and urged the government and Higher Education Ministry to reject calls to recognise it.

In its statement, Dong Zong said certain organisations and individuals definitely do not understand Chinese independent high schools and UEC, resulting in ridiculous remarks and accusations made against these schools and a certificate that is recognised in private higher learning institution in the country and universities overseas, including those in the top 200 in world rankings.