(Video) Yuna, Zizan, Harith and Siti Nordiana to the rescue

IT'S Yuna, Harith Iskander, Zizan Razak and Siti Nordiana to the rescue when Kuala Lumpur comes under attack by a giant cat.

In an advertisement for the Japanese uncarbonated soft drink brand, Calpis, the superheroes cut the humongous feline down to size and transformed it back to a loveable pet again.

"I finally get to share this! My first time in a superhero costume on screen! Had so much fun working on it and loved my character!," Yuna said in sharing the advertisement on her social media pages.

When a short clip showing the four stars clad in superhero costumes first surfaced on the Internet, there had been speculations that they could be starring in a secret movie. There were huge billboards all around Klang Valley featuring the four as superheroes with the headline, "Coming Soon, April 2017".

It turned out to be an advertisement instead. The minute-long video has Yuna, Zizan Harith and Siti Nordiana representing different flavours. Yuna and Zizan represent the original flavour, Harith is mango, while Siti Nordiana represents grapes.

They have various superpowers including self-multiplying, bubble shield, super speed, and bubble beam, and their costumes give off a Fantastic Four kind of vibe too.

Watch the video below: