(Video) Footage of man assaulting dog with crash helmet goes viral

A screen grab from the video.
The victim Furby sharing a happy moment with the female security guard — Pix from Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better Facebook page.
The Department of Veterinary Services personnel at the scene of the assault to take Furby for a medical check up. — Pix from Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better Facebook page.

A VIDEO of a cruel attack on a dog in Puchong has gone viral on Facebook, enraging Malaysians. The CCTV footage, posted on Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better Facebook page, shows a man cycling into Taman Melody in Bandar Kinrara, at 8.49pm on April 2.

As the man approaches the guard house of the residential area, a guard dog runs towards his bicycle and barks at him, causing him to fall of the bicycle.

The man, who had another pet dog in the basket of his bicycle, angrily picks up the dog by its neck. The guard tries to stop him from hurting the dog but is verbally assaulted.

What ensues in the next few minutes would make any animal lover's blood boil.

The man repeatedly punches the dog and even uses a crash helmet to hit the dog, as the guard watches on helplessly. The smaller pet dog can be seen barking throughout the incident. After torturing the animal, he dumps the dog behind the guardhouse.

The post was shared over 1,000 times within four hours.


As news of this vile act spread, enraged netizens and members of the public began to get organised. It is learned that a number of police reports have already been lodged against the perpetrator.

There has also been an online petition by NGOs asking the police to arrest the man. Alleged pictures of the perpetrator were soon spread online via social media, with many netizens hurling abuse at the perpetrator.

The Department of Veterinary Services was seen arriving to take the battered pooch for a medical examination and X-Ray later in the day.

Meanwhile, in an immediate response, Serdang district police chief ACP Megat Mohd Aminuddin Megat Alias said police have received reports on the incident.

"The security guard was pushed by the man and a scuffle ensued between them.

"The Kinrara police station has classified this case as an informant report as we are in the midst of checking the injury status of the guard, the man and the dog's ownership.

"A thorough investigation will be carried out if there is any criminal element in the incident," he said.

Megat Mohd added that police have also obtained information from a witness who was at the scene during the incident.

Watch the video of the brutal attack here: