Infected by The Viral Factor

THE pace of the action in the movie The Viral Factor was so intense that director Dante Lam was afraid that the actors involved will not want to collaborate with him in future.

Fortunately, he said during his recent visit here to promote the movie with lead actor Jay Chou, such movies can be addictive.
“It might seem too difficult and too much during filming but when the result is good and the response positive, it turns anxiety into anticipation for the next film.”

The Viral Factor revolves around two estranged brothers who find themselves on opposite sides of the law. Jon (Chou) is a special agent and Yang (Nicholas Tse) is a criminal but when their loved ones are threatened, the brothers join forces.
The movie also stars Andy On and Liu Kai-chi with Chin Kar-lok as the action director.

Now that the movie has garnered good response and earned praises from all quarters following its Hong Kong premiere just before he flew to Kuala Lumpur, Lam is able to relax.

“This is definitely the most difficult movie I’ve done. Actors like Nicholas (who had worked with him before) already knew what to expect from me. Only, he got more than he bargained for as this film was more difficult.

“I was always afraid that half-way through, my actors would give up,” said the director of such blockbusters as The Stool Pigeon, The Beast Stalker and The Sniper. “It’s all about teamwork ... about being pushed to a higher level.”

About 80% of the movie was filmed in Kuala Lumpur and Lam expressed his gratitude to those who have helped in making the filming process a smooth one.

“All kinds of vehicles were used in the film and everything went smoothly and for this very reason, I want to thank all the departments involved. Nowhere else would this have been possible.”

It was during the filming of this movie that news of Tse’s marital problems started surfacing but Lam had no doubts about his (Tse’s) professionalism.

In fact, Tse was still willing to pose for pictures on the set even though no interviews were arranged. “He handled himself very well in the face of his family problems,” Lam said.

Lam feels that actors need to be recognised for their efforts and believes that both Chou and Tse stand a chance at the best actor award for The Viral Factor.

“However, it’s still early and there will be many more good films coming this year,” he said. “But just being nominated would be encouraging.”

Meanwhile, Lam is currently working on several scripts and said that he will probably start work on his next project in April or May. And yes, it will be an action movie.

“I’m looking at the possibility of filming in Taiwan this time,” he said. The details of the movie and the cast list are yet to be confirmed.

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