Property and feng shui this dragon year

Avoid having your home entrance face the south east and spending much time in this portion of your house, says feng shui consultant Henry Fong. The south east is influenced by the five yellow energies this year. "Five yellow is considered one of the worst energies. Houses that face the south east will face problems related to health, money and other problems."

The other negative force also affecting the south east is the 'tai soi' or the 'grand duke', says Fong, which is also in the same position as Jupiter.

"Being such a big planet, the ancient Chinese believed that this planet exerts a certain force on us," says Fong. "Jupiter this year is in the south east, in the first 15 degrees or 'SE1'. Those living in houses facing SE1 will expect more relationship-related problems with family, parents, sibling, spouse, children or friends at work"

Besides changing the position of your door, Fong recommends that you sleep in a spare bedroom if your bedroom is in the south east of the house. If you cannot move your door or room, place metal items, such as gold, sculptures or metal lamps, in these sectors. "The five yellow energy is an earth energy which according to Chinese metaphyscis, produces metal. Placing a metal object in the room will weaken the earth energy."
Avoid renovating homes or offices in their south eastern sectors as well, recommends Sherwin from Joey Yap Consulting Group. "This would activate the negative Qi here."

For auspicious sectors however, think of the west and south. "If your main door is already in the west and south, be prepared for much financial opportunities and meeting the right people," says Sherwin. "The South is especially helpful for those in sales and marketing - to increase chances of meeting the right clients/customers. Activate this sector with an internal water feature. If there is a window here, open it to let the "qi" in."

Feng shui and the property market
The property sector as a whole will fare moderately, believes Sherwin of Joey Yap Consulting Group. "The Earth element of the year (which represents the Property sector) is just average in strength. However, the growth element of the year is good—slow but steady—so we will see improvements from last year. Generally the element of wood, which represents development, growth, and construction is quite stable this year, so we will still see new developments coming up, and even rejuvenation of old existing projects."

Master Kenny Hoo of Good Feng Shui Geomantic Research believes that the property sector will soften in the first two quarters in 2012. "However, this will be a good opportunity for the consumers, as there will be more quality properties that can be acquired at more affordable and reasonable costs."

"Properties located in the northern and southeast areas, such as Perlis, Kedah, Kelantan, Terengganu and Pahang, especially the Kuantan areas, are expected to be more stagnant or the price will be on the softer side. Properties in Penang, Kota Kinabalu, Kuching, Miri, Johor and central Kuala Lumpur will continue to perform well and more steadily despite the softening situation."

Within the Klang Valley, matured areas such as Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya are expected to have less transactions while prices are expected to be more stagnant or soft. High-rise condominiums and office units are expected to face steep challenges in pricing as there will be more sellers than buyers. Rental rates are also believed to be on the lower side as there will be more businesses ceasing operation, says Hoo.

"Landed properties will still be the better choice for mid-to-long term investment," he continues. "Besides the recession-proof golden triangle area, other areas such as Seri Kembangan, Cheras, Sungai Long, Kajang, Kepong, Melawati, Ulu Yam area are expect to have better returns during this round of challenging times."

Upon approaching the end of the third quarter however, Hoo believes that there will be a great turnaround. Those industries relating to the metal, wood and fire elements, such as fast moving consumer goods, mining, banking and finance, automobiles, timber, security, petroleum-based products and services, are expected to benefit the most upon entering this new era in the Water Dragon year.