Underworld Awakening

THE funniest comment that I came across with regard to this movie of the undead is "at least they don't sparkle" and I agree.

Selene's (Kate Beckinsale) ruthless and headstrong determination to find her lover upon waking up from a 12-year cryogenic suspension at a research facility tells a much simpler (and better) love story than the vampire movie I alluded earlier.

Despite Beckinsale's constant deadpan facial expression and emotion, especially her character's steely attitude toward her offspring (spoiler!), the times she crumbles from heartbreak only wrench your heart with empathy.

Plus, to see this petite actress getting pummelled and thrown about by a 10-foot almost immortal-Lycan is painfully cringing.

This fourth instalment of the Underworld series isn't much to shout about besides the sleek action sequences and the eye candy Beckinsale provides while kicking butt in a catsuit. And scenes that will move your heart are only a handful.

Underworld Awakening is really all about savagery and gore as Vampires and Lycans tear at one another's throats (literally) while humans exterminate both the undead species.

By the time the movie ended, I am left with only two things in mind – one, now we'll have to wait forever again to see the reunion of Selene and Michael Corvin; and surely there is a story as to how Eve a.k.a Subject 2 (India Eisley), the child Selene mothered when she was in a frozen slumber for 12 years, was conceived.

Overall, this is a movie to watch if you're looking for action and gore. The movie in 3D, however, might be a little too much for the eyes to take in because the fight scenes are extremely fast-paced and they are mainly shot in the dark.

You will be entertained but if you have been a fan of the Underworld series, don't compare how much better the story and character development in the previous chapters were. Just sit back and let Selene blow your senses with her vengeance and fury.