US social media guru to address bloggers meet in KL

MELBOURNE (Feb 11, 2012): America's leading digital strategist, Jay Byrne, will address Malaysian businessmen, government and professional leaders, on social media and Internet communications at the 2012 World Bloggers and Social Media Summit in Kuala Lumpur beginning Monday.

Participants, striving to get a grip of the ever evolving world of social media and Internet communications, are expected to benefit from the talk by Byrne, a former high ranking official in President Bill Clinton's administration.

He will bring a typical message on digital communication strategy to the conference, to be held at the Putra World Trade Center, and organised by My Events International.

"Stop thinking about the technology first. It starts with human behaviours, and specifically those that are related to belief forming changes to behaviour," he told Bernama today.

Byrne, now chief executive officer of v-Fluence Interactive, said he adopted an engineering approach that focused on how certain types of specific behaviours were linked to technology adoption and related back to actual changes in people's action.

"Communication technology isn't actually that new, computing tools are thousands of years old and once you get past the latest distractions, much of what's evolving today is simply building on a robust history of knowledge in propaganda, publicity, public relations and marketing activities," he added. - Bernama