KFC Malaysia apologises over i-City incident

PETALING JAYA (Feb 18, 2012): KFC Malaysia has apologised to Danny Ng and customers present at its i-City Shah Alam on 6 February 2012 over unsatisfactory services rendered by staff at that outlet.

In a statement to the media, KFC Malaysia said in reference to the Feb 6 incident: "KFC Malaysia would like to extend our sincere apologies to all our customers who were present during that day, particularly to Mr Danny Ng Chee Fei, for the unsatisfactory services rendered by our staff and the inconvenience caused."

"Our Management has met with Mr Danny Ng and his family and they have accepted our apology. We deeply regret the occurrence of this incident and would like to assure you that it was related to the quality of service provided and not due to any other reason whatsoever," KFC Malaysia deputy president Alan Au said.

"Rest assured, all relevant steps are being taken to review and improve our training programme to avoid the recurrence of such incidents and to provide only the best service to you," he said adding that the chain treasures comments which will help improve our service and rectify any shortcomings.

The apology is following a video clip showing Ng being hit by a staff member at the outlet after an exchange of words.
This happened after customers including Ng who had waited in line for fried chicken for almost an hour were told that the outlet had run out of stock. Ng had apparently demanded an explanation and apology from the staff before he was assaulted by one of its members. The video of the assault was widely circulated over the internet.