IF THE expenditure for the London Olympics is NOT for the public to see or know, then what is there about transparency or democracy?

The Youth and Sports Ministry, the minister and all the staff are public figures paid with public funds. Was this announcement timed after the award of Transparency International's Award of Malaysia's slight improvement?

RM20 million is no small amount. The accounts had been tabled to the Sports Council and audited by the auditor-general. From past records, these bodies do not seem to know their work or perhaps had been cowed to "ikut arahan dari atas".

Why talk about reforms when things still mirror the past and are being hidden or dumped under OSA? This paper was not wrong in publishing an article on kleptocracy on Nov 27. How else can the public interpret accounts not for the public? This is not change and transformation.

Arshad Khan
Kuala Lumpur