Ghost hunters of Singapore

THE paranormal world has fascinated people over the ages and even though most of these ghostly sightings have been debunked, the world of ghosts and spirits still excites us.

Listening to the stories and watching TV shows and movies on the subject doesn't seem to be losing its appeal among viewers.

Perhaps, that's why web TV series Singapore Haunted has its avid followers, who tuned in on the series' paranormal investigators checking out ghost sightings all over the island republic.

So it was 'exciting' news when Singapore Haunted let it be known that its investigators have captured evidence of a ghostly presence at East Coast Park's Amber Tower (also called the Yellow Tower).

The ghost of Kelly is said to inhabit the tower. She was believed to have been raped and murdered by a group of men when she and her boyfriend went up there late one night.

According to a press release by Singapore Haunted, the team, using thermal imaging (which "detects radiation in the infrared range of the electromagnetic spectrum"), managed to capture her ghostly image right after one of the investigators caught a glimpse of a female spirit.

The thermal image shows a ghostly figure on the second floor of the tower.

The equipment used included night vision and thermal cameras, a digital infrared thermometer, audio recorders and the K-II meter, which is a form of electromagnetic field (EMF) detector.

Paranormal investigators believe that supernatural entities emit EMF which can be detected by the K-II meter.

Other incredible evidence gathered by the team included two EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) recordings of the voice of a female entity.

This is the second time the team has visited the tower. Last year, the investigators left powder on the stairs and captured
amazing footprints believed to belong to the ghost. That episode of the series made headlines in Singapore.

The investigators returned to the tower this year after receiving numerous emails from viewers who watched the earlier episode, and claimed that the ghost is still haunting the tower.

Producer-director I.Z. Darson of Singapore Haunted answers some questions posed by theSun.

The Yellow Tower is interesting but other than the ghost of this girl, are there any other spirits haunting this place?

"We believe that there may be other entities who may, from time to time, be wandering around the Yellow Tower, but as far as we can tell, the tower is Kelly's home. That's her place."

Why did you not get a thermal image of Kelly the first time you were there?

"We filmed an episode at the Yellow Tower last season but we did not have any thermal-imaging capabilities back then."

Is there some sort of exorcism planned to free her from this world?

"We did ask her if she wants us to bring a priest to help pray for her at the Yellow Tower, and based on the replies we had on the K-II meter, we believe she said yes.

"Hopefully, we can get in touch with someone who knows her so that we can have her family members with us when we do bring a priest there."

What makes ghosts hang out in places like the Yellow Tower?

"I think for this particular entity, she was killed at the Yellow Tower, so we believe that is why she's 'stuck' there, unable to move on for reasons that we do not know of."

In this day and age, why are people still so fascinated by the paranormal?

"I think people are generally fascinated by the paranormal and that's why our show Singapore Haunted is popular.

"Also, it is because the show deals with a subject matter that we, as human beings, are so curious about. Everybody has a fascination with the unknown. It's a constant journey towards finding the truth."

How did you become interested and involved in this field?

"I've always been fascinated by the unknown. And everyone grows up listening to ghost stories and I'm no different, but I was a bit sceptical.

"A few years ago, I had a chance to produce and direct a special to promote a paranormal show for Discovery Channel, and it involved a team of investigators doing paranormal investigation.

"I was totally blown away by the findings, and the viewership for that special was really amazing.

"So when we founded R3LOAD Network, I knew right away that we needed to produce a show that can help debunk or prove the many different haunting stories we have in Singapore.

"That's how Singapore Haunted was born."

What advice would you give a person who has a ghostly encounter?

"Based on our own experience while filming Singapore Haunted, the entities that we encountered so far are not really evil or dangerous. So, we've been very lucky.

"But if you do encounter a ghost whether it's a harmless entity or a vicious one, the first thing you should do is to stay calm and try to remember everything you see or experience.

"Then clear your mind and try to figure out if what you've seen could be explained. If you don't feel well, you should quickly move away from the location.

"Most importantly, be brave because these entities are able to feel your fear so it's always good to show that you're not afraid."

The full investigation can be viewed online at