Decorating for the Year of the Snake

One of the three “intellectual” signs in the Chinese horoscope (the other two being ox and rooster) the snake person is often described as “passionate, beautiful, charming, and sensuous”. And, oh, the snake is also supposedly the “wisest” among the 12 animal signs.

I am a snake person—and I sure do not mind such adjectives! In my book, many feng shui practitioners are right when they say the snake person has a taste for the finer things in life—I do take delight in beautiful things like a fine painting or a luxurious “fainting couch”.

The Year of the Black Water Snake, according to Christmas Time, will see the attributes of the symbol being in the forefront in holiday interior design. Elements of water such as sea plants, fish and corals are expected to have a starring role in many homes, according to these interior design experts.

Perhaps it is no coincidence that the prevalent colours this year are dark blues and greens—it is the Year of the Black Snake, after all, and green is the colour of nature.

But while Pantone has named emerald the colour of the year, evidently all shades of green are fashionable—and going green doesn’t necessarily mean painting the walls green. Imagine splashes of green in a tasteful setting of dominant white; green accents achieved by having features like a green ottoman or a green-hued lampshade.

White is also said to be popular this year. But if white is not your cup of tea and yet you want calmer colours, why not opt for beige or off-white? These colour schemes would provide the perfect background for darker-hued details to stand out.

Some snake people like “shine”—and this year, acccording to Elle Décor, brass and metal accessories are expected to provide a rich gleam in interior design, with metal “experiencing a resurgence”.

Many interior designers are looking at the 70s for inspiration—hence metal will inevitably show up more. The American Society of Interior Designers seems to concur, saying the colour palette will be influenced by “urban living, the digital age, scientific discovery, earth’s precious metals and stones, and the hard-edged power of manufacturing”.

I wrote two months ago about how vintage will also be big in 2013. Vintage, glam and glitz indeed combine to make a strong statement this year—think reflective surfaces like cut glass and mirrors, with lace making an appearance here and there.

You may be able to get away with using your mother’s table cloth—what with lace being hip, after all—but for a more tasteful interpretation, think more along the lines of a lace-adorned pillow instead of full lace accessories. You would then spare yourself from hearing jokes about using your mother’s curtain for decoration!

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