ATM thefts still on the rise

AUTOMATED Teller Machines (ATM) have always been viewed as "easy picks" for desperate crooks.

And it beats the mind how banks and commercial centres have been lackadaisical on the security of these ATMs that have such huge amounts of cash in them.

There have been numerous reports of ATM break-ins recently. One was when burglars armed with sledgehammers and oxy-acetylene torches made off with RM126,000 from an ATM in Taman Miharja. In another incident in Johor Baru, thieves made off with RM400,000 after breaking open two ATMs at a shopping centre.

Banks and commercial centres cannot rely on technology alone to safeguard their premises. The CCTVs that are installed at strategic places in the banks are often tampered with by the thieves before they carry out their dastardly act.

ATMs should be fitted with automatic sensors and alarms, and these systems should be switched on after midnight till early morning. The alarm system should also be wired to the nearest police station so that swift action can be taken by the cops immediately in the event of a break-in.

Samuel Yesuiah