Save the Kanthan spider now

I REFER to "Save Kanthan Cave" (Letters, April 17). Gua Kanthan is located in Gunung Kanthan, Perak. This limestone cave is in danger of being quarried by Lafarge Malaysia Berhad.

Many parts of the hill are already being quarried and now there is a threat to the area of the hill with the cave.

Gua Kanthan is a spectacular river cave, nicknamed "The Cathedral" due to its large size. It is also home to an endemic trapdoor spider which is found nowhere else in the world.

Liphistius kanthan has now been listed as critically endangered on the IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature) Red List. Critically Endangered is highest risk category assigned by the IUCN Red List for wild species. The next level is Extinct.

Liphistius kanthan is also included on the Malaysian Wildlife Conservation Bill (2012 amendment) as a protected species. Thus, all the Malaysian Liphistius are protected.

Let's hope that Lafarge is aware of this and will preserve the cave.

According to its website: "As a Group, we are committed to protecting in four main fronts: stop climate change; preservation of biodiversity; conservation of natural resources; and to develop innovative approaches that promote a better respect for the environment."

Liz Price
Kuala Lumpur