MAS suspends Nufam president

PETALING JAYA (Nov 14, 2013): Malaysia Airlines (MAS) has suspended its chief steward Ismail Nasaruddin from all flying duties indefinitely after the president of the National Union of Flight Attendants Malaysia (Nufam) made a press statement against the national airline.

In a statement yesterday, Nufam Secretariat said Ismail's suspension was pending an investigation into the matter.

The union has notified the Human Resources Ministry of the suspension of its president.

"A memorandum was delivered to the Minister of Human Resources yesterday (Tuesday) calling on him to intervene immediately," it added.

Nufam had on Oct 7, 2013 called on MAS CEO Ahmad Jauhari Yahya to resign, saying he had failed to resolve their plight since he took over the helm in September 2011.

Nufam Secretariat said the suspension against union officers is an act against the ILO Convention 87 "rights to allow freedom of association" and also under the clauses of the Industrial Relations Act 1967 Section 59, which states no union officials are to be threatened or be made victimised while serving in a union.

"We want the Minister of Law to ensure the safety of every union leaders in this country us safe from being terrorised by companies and they deserve to be protected by the government," it added, saying that there is a need to review the Trade Union laws in the country.

"Union leaders are not protected in this country unlike those in other countries. There is also a need to understand the Trade Union's objectives. Every union leader represents the workers' problems and Nufam represents the voice of cabin crew workers.

It added that MAS should be able to accept criticism from the union over their short comings and not react against it in such a manner.

Nufam Secretariat also said it will continue to file discriminatory charges against MAS to the Ministry of Human Resources and raise all cabin crew matters in order to preserve the rights of cabin crew workers with MAS.

The union is expected to convene a press conference tomorrow.