Objections to assessment rate hike must be submitted by Dec 17 deadline

PETALING JAYA (Dec 5, 2013): Submit your objections to the proposed rental value for your property by Dec 17 or be deemed to have given your consent to it.

Royal Institution of Surveyors Malaysia president P. Tangga Peragasam (pix) said it is very important for property owners to send in at least a letter objecting to the new rates if they are not happy with it, and they have to send the letter as a ratepayer and cannot be represented by any association or body.

"The basis of the valuation is the annual rental value of the property after deduction of the allowed expenditures.

This simply means, for example, for those who stay in apartments or condominiums, and are subjected to management fees or service fees, this amount should be subtracted from the rental value," he said at a press conference today.

"It is also generally accepted that the rate will be reduced when a new valuation list is introduced. This means the rates can be adjusted according to usage, whether it is residential or commercial and located in business or residential districts or 'kampung'," he said.

He added that a discount should be given if they are charged for some form of service charge or if any services provided by City Hall is centralised, where they do it in "bulk", like garbage collection being done at one location for 100 units instead of going door to door.

He also advised property owners to seek the advice of property valuers when preparing their letters, as there are valid clauses for objection that people should know before submitting their letters to City Hall.

"For example, valid reasons for objection include instances where the property is rated beyond its value, or it is not rateable, or if the owner of the property has not been included in the valuation list ... these are some reasons that can be used to object.

"City Hall services are a separate matter and is not part of a valid reason to object to the hike," he said, adding that being a pensioner or retiree is also not a valid reason for objection.

Meanwhile, DBKL has received 10,000 objection letters since it issued notices on the hike.

Mayor Datuk Ahmad Phesal Talib said it was the people's right to express their views.

"After Dec 17, DBKL will scrutinise every objection and make a decision according to its discretion," he said today.