Daily gets legal notice from CM, deputy

GEORGE TOWN (Dec 8, 2013): Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng and Deputy Chief Minister (II) Dr P. Ramasamy have sent a legal notice to an English daily over a news report which allegedly linked both of them to gangsters.

Ramasamy said his lawyer's firm, Mureli Navarathnam, had sent the notice to the New Straits Times Press (Malaysia) Berhad and its reporter Predeep Nambiar, on Friday over the article titled "Indian-interest group claims thugs interrupted meeting" on Dec 4.

The legal notice demanded that NST publish a retraction and apology to both Lim and Ramasamy, as well as to remove the article from NST's online news portal.

In the article, Concerned Citizens of the Indian Community spokesman N. Ganesan said that thugs were sent by both Lim and Ramasamy to disrupt a meeting last Saturday and prevent the submission of a memorandum on the poor management of the crematorium by the Penang Hindu Endowment Board (HEB).

Ramasamy told a press conference in Komtar today that the article contained false statements and was defamatory to both him and Lim.

"This is wrong, and we are going to proceed with legal action," said Ramasamy, who is also HEB chairman.

He also said his lawyers will be working to locate Ganesan.

On a related matter, Ramasamy said he will announce the full report on the revamped Hindu burial grounds in Batu Lanchang soon.

"We have taken steps to improve the cemetery in Batu Lanchang," he said, adding that some RM1 million had been spent on the revamp, including fixing and replacing two of the incinerators.