Ops 6P Sepadu: Immigration to raid homes, offices from Jan 21

KUALA LUMPUR (Jan 12, 2014): Immigration officers will start knocking on doors of homes and places of work from Jan 21 in search of illegal workers including maids under Ops 6P Sepadu.

Immigration Department director-general Datuk Alias Ahmad said today that the first phase of the operation between September and December last year had seen raids at living quarters and public places.

"In the second phase come Jan 21, we will look for them at all sectors mainly their workplaces such as factories, companies, plantations and houses in the case of domestic maids," Alias said.

He said the raids will be based on intelligence reports and tip-offs received from the public on employers who hire illegal workers.

"We will not randomly carry out raids at these places as we do not want to disturb or disrupt their daily routine."

Alias said in the first phase of the operation, 2,278 raids were carried out where 54,000 foreigners were checked across the country.

He said almost 16,800 undocumented workers and 219 employers who hired them were detained.

"We have given employers enough time to register and legalise their workers, hence they should not be disgruntled when we come knocking on their doors if they continue hiring illegals. Illegal foreigners are a threat to national security as it would not be easy to trace them if they commit crimes or unlawful activities," he told theSun.

Alias said personnel from his department, the police, army, civil defence, National Registration Department and Rela will make up the 10,000 personnel who will be involved in the operation.

He estimated about 280,000 foreigners without travel documents and work permits were still in the country.

A majority of illegal workers in the country are Indonesians while the rest were Bangladeshis, Nepalis and Myanmars.