Shouts of joy

THERE WAS no doubt that indie singer-songwriter Yuna dominated the second Shout! Awards last Saturday night at Stadium Putra in Bukit Jalil.

Yuna (born Yunalis Zarai), who was nominated for three awards, went home with two – the popstar and best new act awards. The talented 24-year-old singer, who sings in English and Malay, also garnered the coveted Ultimate Shout award.

"I feel honoured and blessed to have won," said Yuna, who also performed her hit song Dan Sebenarnya at awards night. "I’m thankful that fans are able to appreciate my music and my songwriting abilities."

Rock band Bunkface, last year’s ultimate Shout award winner, who presented the award to Yuna, commented that her songs could stand out in the London music scene anytime.

But a humble Yuna insisted that winning the awards "will not make me a phenomenon". The artiste is currently working on a new album with recording sessions in Los Angeles.

The Shout! Awards, organised by 8TV in partnership with Celcom’s prepaid mobile service Xpax, was held to honour innovative artistes who have made an impact in the local entertainment industry.

Winners all ... (clockwise from above)
Yuna; Mizz Nina; and Bunkface.

Winners of the 16 categories were selected via public online voting except for the ultimate Shout award which was picked by a special Shouts! jury.

Fans were at the stadium as early as 5pm to catch a glimpse of their favourite idols all dressed to the hilt at the ‘purple’ carpet event.

Local artistes Wakaka Crew, Famous Crew and Maple Loo opened the show with a performance of Fever Ray’s When I Grow Up and The Pump Panel’s Confusion.

Faizal together with Deja Voodoo Spells also gave a full-blast rendition of Michael Jackson’s Beat It and AC/DC’s Thunderstruck.

Others who performed that night included beatboxers Shawn Lee and Shazet, Reshmonu, Najwa and Bunkface while Monoloque, Atilia, Noh, Altimet and Azlan the Typewriter gave a spectacular fusion of Malaysian sounds with their techno beats.

One of the highlights that night has to be US-based R&B sensation Iyaz who took to the stage at the finale to perform his chart-topping songs Replay and Solo. "I’m honoured to be part of the Shout! Awards. It’s a great opportunity for me to perform for the first time in Malaysia," said the artiste.

While the performances added glitz to the night, they could not take the shine away from the award winners.

Controversial rock star Faizal Tahir, who won the power vocal award, reminded fans to keep on supporting local music while flava award recipient Mizz Nina proved why she was selected the winner with a scintillating performance of her hit, What You Waiting For.

The best on-screen chemistry award was won byAfdlin Shauki and Liyana Jasmay for their memorable performance as father and daughter in the movie Papadom.

While on stage to receive the award, the high-spirited Afdlin announced the release of Appalam, the Tamil version of Papadom, in cinemas tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Indian producer Sharad Sharan who took home the breakthrough feature award for his feature film, Lagenda Budak Setan, said: "I love Malaysia. This is my new home." Sharad is currently working on two sequels to Budak Setan.

The coolest radio announcer award went to Phat Fabes of FlyFM’s Pagi Show, who said: "I’m shocked to have won!" Fabes was also nominated last year.

Other winners included:

>Rockstar award – Bunkface
Music video award – Prom Queen (Bunkface)
> Fresh TV series – Nur Kasih (Filmscape) 
Favourite TV programme (non-drama) – Showdown 2010
> Favourite TV personality – Zizan Raja Lawak (Raja Lawak 4)
 Favourite radio show – HotFM AM Krew (Fara, Faizal and A.G.)
> Hot chick award – Scha Al-Yahya
Hot guy award – Henry Golding
Mobile artiste of the year – 6ixth Sense (Tanpa)