No one’s abducting minority groups

to "The disaster of forced assimilation" (Speak Up, Dec 17). With all due respect, Yeo, nobody is talking about abducting any minority groups into the superior "sawo matang" culture. Not me, not the experienced historian nor the young politician.

This is a language debate and please leave it at that. We are talking about having a common means to unite us all. And the one that makes the most sense is language. British, Australians, Germans, French, Japanese, Chinese, Thais, Indonesians (to name a few), all share common languages.

And in the land of Barack Obama the same rules apply. And not only that, in Germany and the Netherlands, would-be citizens are required to be able to speak the national language and also made to sit for a test on national culture before being naturalised. And I’m sure we all know too well what happens to Muslims and Sikhs in France despite liberte, egalite, fraternite. I can’t say much about the intention of these governments, but I can see the rational behind the rulings, except for France.

Imagine Obama running for the American presidency speaking English the way Nelson Mandela does. The Americans, blacks or otherwise would have rejected him outright. By the way we elected an MP who can’t even speak the national language and spends his time rehearsing his words, every time he wants to say something in Parliament. Which make us, in a way better than the Americans.

Harizal Hassan
Via email