Country deserves better

I CALL for all young Malaysians to support the calls and views made by a few honest and brave Malaysians for a single-school system. After more than 50 years of a racially polarised education system, we should take measures to reunite our people. Let us look at other countries around us and be honest with ourselves. This country deserves better and so do we.

Why do we talk about Malaysian Malaysia, Malaysians having a common goal and one destiny, when at the same time we refuse to unite all Malaysians under a common school system? The one with common resources and opportunities, accessible to all Malaysians.

Having a one-school system is crucial for us to start having one common language, spoken and understood by all Malaysians. No one Malaysian should be heard conversing in a language foreign to another Malaysian, who ends up being alienated, intentionally or otherwise. Perhaps this is the very reason why we grow further apart each year. Perhaps this is why we have failed to unite, after all these years.

For only when family upbringing and school education have inculcated a knowledge of the cultural, economic and, above all, the political greatness of this country then, and then only, will it be possible for all Malaysians to feel proud of being citizens of this country.

Harizal Hassan
Kuala Lumpur