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Wed, Aug 15, 2018

Najib endorses Hindraf blueprint

KUALA LUMPUR (April 18, 2013): Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak today pledged that a special unit will be set up under the Prime Minister's Office to ensure all promises made to the Indian poor are delivered.

Najib, as Barisan Nasional chairman, had today endorsed demands contained under the Hindu Rights Action Force's (Hindraf) five-year blueprint to uplift poor and marginalised Indians in the country.

Describing the event as a "historical" moment in Malaysian politics, Najib today signed the endorsement agreement with Hindraf chairman P. Waythamoothy.

Also present were BN secretary-general Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Mansor and MIC president Datuk Seri G. Palanivel.

"This (day) marks the beginning of a new relationship between Hindraf and BN.

"I can only say the last eight years have been a very tumultuous journey for Hindraf, considering all that they had gone through," said Najib in his speech at SJK(T) Vivekanda here.

Hindraf had in 2007 organised a massive rally in Kuala Lumpur and was subsequently outlawed on Oct 15, 2008.

"It is remarkable that Hindraf has come a full circle and today under Waythamoorthy, they have decided to join hands and partner BN," said Najib, adding that the move speaks volumes of the success of the BN administration under his leadership.

"Malaysian Indians deserve their rightful place under the Malaysian sun!" he declared to cheers from some 1,000 Hindraf supporters packing the school hall.
Najib also once again urged Indians to remember what he dubbed as Pakatan Rakyat's "Kampung Buah Pala" promise, claiming it is proof of the Opposition's inability to fulfil its words.

Earlier, Waythamoorthy in his speech said Hindraf had presented its 18-point manifesto to both BN and PR leaders and pledged support from the Indian poor, in the upcoming polls, to either coalition that was willing to endorse their demands.

"Let me say this clearly once more. It is certainly change we see (now). (And) not just a change in names and faces of the country's leaders.

"I make this call to all Indians in this country. Let us all vote for (the) blueprint (and) let us all vote for BN," he said.

Waythamoorthy had last month staged a 21-day hunger strike.

He said the main thrust of the blueprint was to uplift displaced estate workers, resolve issue of statelessness, as well as increase education and employment opportunities for the Indian poor.