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Fri, May 25, 2018

PKR retains Subang and Bkt Lanjan, loses Kota Damansara

PETALING JAYA (May 6, 2013): PKR's R Sivarasa and Elizabeth Wong have defended their Subang (parliament) and Bukit Lanjan (state) seats comfortably, adding to Pakatan Rakyat's hold on Selangor.

However, PKR lost the Kota Damansara state seat to BN by nearly 1,000 votes, and BN lost the Paya Jaras state seat to PAS by a clear margin of 5,522 votes.

Sivarasa was the clear winner in the five-cornered battle for the Subang parliament seat, garnering a whopping 66,268 votes.

With a 26,719-vote majority, he beat A. Prakash Rao (BN - 39,549 ), Mohamad Ismail (Berjasa - 4,454), Nazaruddin Mohamed Ferdoos (IND - 460 ) and Datuk Edros Abdullah (IND - 218 ).

The results for Subang were slightly delayed following an objection at 3.30am as one of the voting stream forms in EC's possession was incomplete, nearly resulting in a recount, but PKR had copies of the form bearing the authorising signature by the head of the polling centre concerned.

Returning officer Datuk Zulkifli Ahmad said the incomplete form raised issues, but following the signing of a declaration by the polling centre head verifying the accuracy of the results, the problem was resolved.

Sivarasa said the vote majority was a pleasant surprise, but the win was expected as ground sentiments.

"The voter turn-out of nearly 88% is definitely reflected in the votes," he said.

Meanwhile, Wong defended her Bukit Lanjan seat with a 17,200 majority, three times more than the number of votes she obtained in 2008.

She garnered 25,606 votes while her opponent, BN's Francis Chong, obtained 8,606 votes.

Of the total 39,978 voters in the area, 34,825 came to vote, marking an 87.1% voter turn out.

"This win was really beyond expectations, I expected to do well but this is good. The win mostly came from existing voters, but new voters played a part too.

"The residents really came out to support free and fair elections, and I was really touched and humbled by the public support," said Wong, who came to the polling centre at around 12.40am.

She said pertinent issues in Bukit Lanjan included the traffic conditions, which required the cooperation of the federal government, as well as a nutrition programme for Orang Asli children.

"The Sprint highway needs to be expanded as there are too many bottlenecks, especially with the building of the elevated Kinrara-Damansara Expressway.

"For the Orang Asli children, we want to continue with this nutrition programme to ensure they grow properly and also engage the parents," she said.

Wong also noted that local government issues needed to be addressed, primarily its responsiveness.

In Paya Jaras, PAS' Mohd Khairuddin Othman took the seat from BN's Datuk Mohamad Bushro Mat Johor, garnering 21,808 votes to Mohd Bushro's 16,286.

Mohd Khairuddin, who walked into the polling centre around midnight, said the contributing factors to this election were not new from 2008.

Voter turn-out was at 88.7%, with 38,695 of the 43,617 registered voters showing up at the polls.

Mohd Khairuddin said the main factor for the win was engaging with the people, which he said PAS has been doing since 2008.

"I would attribute the win to getting support from the non-Malay communities, we won by a huge majority and this support came mostly from Chinese and Indian communities," the jovial 42-year-old said, adding his plan following the win is to continue serving the people.

The former lawyer and current PAS Selangor secretary said problems he will tackle include land and flood issues, helping single mothers and lifting the standard of women.

While there was victory in most Pakatan camps, however, it was a sober moment for Nasir following the loss of his Kota Damansara seat to BN's Halimaton Saadiah Borhan.

The PSM president, who ran under the PKR banner although his party was now registered, garnered 14,860 votes.

Hamilaton won the seat with 16,387 votes, followed by Nasir, PAS' Redzuan Ismail (7,312) and independents Suppayah Ananda (39), Halmi Omar (116) and Datuk Edros Abdullah (57).

It seems that fear of the opposition votes for the seat would split following Redzuan Ismail's decision to stand and defy Pakatan's wishes were not unfounded.

Wong said the loss due to the splitting of votes was unnecessary, and that the Pakatan leadership have to take the issue up after GE13.

"We lost a seat just like that, if we don't address it next election there may be more people doing their own thing," she said.

Halimaton, who arrived at the centre at 2.20am, thanked all the voters and resident who supported her and said the results showed the people were confident in BN.

"As a BN UMNO candidate, and a woman to top that, I know there are different challenges but my focus is the same, to serve the people.

"My focus is to increase economic wealth amongst the residents, especially the poor, to help them improve their lives," she said, adding that instead of celebrating she would seek to immediately engage the community.

Zulkifli began announcing the results at around 8pm and final results were only officially announced at 4am today.

Subang had recorded the highest number of new voters (54,914) this election, bringing the total to 128,543 registered voters in the constituency.

Several voting stations in the constituency registered between 85% and 90% voter turn-out in GE13, an all-time high.

There was a sudden blackout at the Subang polling centre (Bandar Utama Community Hall) at 6.55pm during counting, but the power came back on after one minute.

R. Sivarasa (PKR) - winner
A. Prakash Rao (BN)
Mohamad Ismail (Berjasa)
Nazaruddin Mohamed Ferdoos (IND)
Datuk Edros Abdullah (IND)

Halimaton Saadiah Borhan (BN) - winner
Redzuan Ismail (PAS)
Suppayah Ananda (IND)
Halmi Omar (IND)
Datuk Edros Abdullah (IND)
Dr. Nasir Hashim (PKR-PSM)

Elizabeth Wong (PKR) - winner
Francis Chong (BN-GERAKAN)

Datuk Mohamad Bushro Mat Johor (BN-UMNO)
Mohd Khairuddin Othman (PAS) - winner