Cars face-off leads to two-hour standstill

SEREMBAN: Two drivers had a face-off for two hours as both refused to be the first to back down and reverse their car.

In a narrow back alley of Jalan Dato Abdul Rahman, the two were stuck for almost two hours simply because neither of them were willing to give way in the incident at about 11am in Seremban.

According to Sinchew, a man who was driving a Nissan Almera drove into the narrow back alley for some distance before a Perodua Myvi driven by a women turned into the alley from the opposite direction.

Instead of backing up and letting the other car pass, both decided to wait for the other person to back out.

Police had to come in to diffuse the situation as people started to gather.

The woman still refused to move her car saying: "If he doesn't move, I won't move either!"

Police ordered both parties to reverse, ending the drama.