Woman escapes death after metal rod smashes through car windscreen

PETALING JAYA: A pregnant woman had a brush with death after a metal rod flew off a lorry and pierced through the windscreen of her car.

Miraculously, the rod stopped short of hitting her face and she escaped with minor injuries.

In the Jan 10 incident, the Perodua Kancil car driven by the victim was in the middle lane of the Nusajaya Highway when a massive piece of metal rod suddenly flew off from the lorry which was on the left lane.

Cik Senah Ronggeng, the sister of the woman said that the victim was driving all alone when the incident happened.

“Luckily my sister is okay. She’s just shivering. Crazy. She was driving all alone!” she said.

Johor police have confirmed the incident. A statement from the police read: "“A metal panel fell off the truck and bounced onto the front windscreen of the Kancil. The driver sustained minor injuries to her hands due to glass fragments.”