Letters - Park right to ease traffic flow

THE vicious and uncalled for barbaric attack on a young lorry driver in Ampang has brought to the limelight the daily challenges faced by delivery personnel.

Why was the car that was allegedly damaged by the lorry parked in an area not marked for it?

Many years ago, delivery lorries and vans used to have two or more personnel: one drove the vehicle and the other delivered the goods.

Now, it is common to see single-person delivery vehicles whereby the driver is also the delivery man.

I have seen how they struggle to find parking space, deliver the goods and then pay for the parking and leave, especially now that many shops are in complexes or at commercial gated complexes.

I pity them when they have to deal with irresponsible and selfish motorists who park at bays meant for delivery vehicles or double park along narrow roads and junctions making it difficult for lorries to pass. Not only delivery lorries but buses and rubbish disposal lorries face the same problem.

The lorry drivers who protested in Ampang mistakenly think that people don't care for them. That's not true, there are people who care about them as without them we will not have our daily purchases delivered to the shops and our homes. It's a good thing that these drivers have come out and voiced their frustration.

Kuala Lumpur