Letters - 4 million need to sign up as voters

THE 14th general election could be held at the end of September after Hari Raya. If that is so, eligible voters have only this month to register.

Only voters who are registered at least six months before the election can vote.

There should be an all-out national campaign to register the over 4 million Malaysians who have not yet registered as voters. Most of them are in the 21 to 30 age group.

There is no excuse for not registering to vote. The youth have a duty and an obligation, like the adults, to bring about greater fairness and justice in our electoral system.

We can't afford to be indifferent. We have to soldier on for a better Malaysia and the youth should take the lead and carry the banners forward.

The Election Commission (EC) can do much more to help register the 4 million eligible but unregistered voters.

Non-governmental organisations have sought to cooperate with the commission; I myself have tried to reach out to the EC, but its response has been cool.

The general election determines the future success or failure of our beloved country and the EC must go all out to register eligible voters.

I believe that the government has a grave and sacred duty to urge the EC and its officials to do their job well and be truly worthy of the public trust.

Tan Sri Ramon Navaratnam
Asli Centre for Public Policy Studies