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"If you don't, you're just going to throw yourself into starting your own business without the discipline or understanding on how some things are important."

Munirah is the founder & managing director of Neuramatix, and vice president of Pertiwi Soup Kitchen, and the question was part of a series of questions in a round table session with top industry leaders held at Etiqa Twin Towers' Maybank Innovation Centre recently.

Leading up to the Global Finals of the Maybank GO Ahead. Challenge (MGAC) 2017, the highly engaging discussion was attended by MGAC 2017's Global Finalists, MGAC alumni, members of the media and students from higher institutions across the nation.

Students from other countries were also connected via various social media platforms such as Instagram Live.

The panel for the session was additionally helmed by Nora Abdul Manaf, group chief human capital officer of Maybank and board member of Etiqa Insurance Berhad, and Marc Woo, industry head of ecommerce, travel and financial services of Google Malaysia. The speakers were among top industry leaders who doubled as mentors for the challengers in the Global Finals.

Moderated by Richard Ocampo, an alumni and the Ultimate GO Ahead. Challenge of MGAC 2014, the central topics of the discussion revolved around the post-millennial generation, "Workforce Futurisation" and "Debunking Corporate Myths", both which reflected the theme of MGAC 2017.

The forum had panellists exchanging ideas, insights, personal anecdotes and experiences with the audience on the fast-paced environment of today's workplace, along with the required mindset, behaviours, skills and traits to flourish in the current professional landscape.

Prior to the panel discussion, Nora said: "We are here to give the participants a taste of what's expected for them to be successful not just in the Global Finals, but for the long-term outcomes in their professional and personal growth too. We want them to be aware of today's reality, as well as the volatile and unpredictable environment that we are operating in. The fast evolving technologies demand us to master multiple skills and embrace life-long learning to be relevant".

Reportedly the first student competition in the region that tests participants in both financial and non-financial disciplines, challenging them beyond their academic excellence, MGAC has participants undergoing various selection rounds, with each round increasing in its complexity in the cases and activities.

MGAC provides participants with the journey to deeper insights and expectations of global and regional organisations, both in recruiting and nurturing talent for sustainability and growth of businesses.
Emphasising Maybank's dedication when it comes to the empowerment and development of the region's younger generation to face the future, Nora added: "This is what Maybank is doing, to prepare ourselves and the communities around us to grow, teaching the next generation to be agile and nimble, preparing them to thrive and adapt to the Fourth Industrial Revolution."]]>
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Making a comeback
However, his latest feat is taking on the challenge of returning to study after having left it for more than 15 years. Currently pursuing a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with Open University Malaysia (OUM), Lee said he was quite lost for the first few months.

"I have totally no idea about business. My father started the business and wanted me to continue it, but after a while, I felt my limitations. I didn't know what I could actually do. So I thought I should go back and study.

"Dr Soo Wincci recommended me to do business. She said if I studied that, everything will be linked together and said an MBA is probably the best for me. I thought I will try it and chose OUM because she was also here," he said.

One of the subjects that has really helped him is Human Resource (HR). We would think HR only involves large companies but in fact, small companies also need to hire people. Lee used his experience working at his friend's cafe as the case study in one of his assignments.

"The assignments are supposed to be practical so the answers aren't necessarily from books. But I see the importance of why I have to read the articles and how it can relate to my work, and I am glad I have more than 10 years of working experience," he said.

The thought of an artiste becoming a businessman seemed pretty far-fetched, but Lee believes what you see now is different from the past and is determined to do both at the same time. He said in the past five years he had forgotten he was an artiste which was bolstered by the fact that no one recognised him on the streets. But in the past few years, people started recognising him and wanted him for television programmes and interviews.

"I wanted to give up on singing, and even publicly announced it. But lately, something is telling me to come back," Lee said, adding that he is still thinking of what he should do for his return to the industry.

Whether he wants to pursue a business in music or continue his father's business, Lee believes an MBA will help him think about what he really wants and what he can do with it.

His personal goal is to expand his trading business so it would be able to run on its own while at the same time, enjoy his singing career.

"It is not easy (pursuing an MBA) but trust me, it really helps you. Experience can allow you to become an expert, but it doesn't help you to go further. One thing I learned is education can bring you further. Pursuing an education is ato upgrade what you have learned to another level," he said, adding that he hopes to complete his MBA between two and a half and three years.]]>
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UCSI promotes love for Science and Maths
The first team consisting of Takeda Shigenori, Tan Wei Xuan and Chan Tin Ping beat Penang's SMJK Chung Hwa Confucian team (Yau Yong Sheng, Tan Yi Chun and Lee Zong Yu) by three points walking away with the top prize of RM1,000 cash, certificates and full tuition fee bursaries. The first runner-up took home a cash prize of RM500, certificates and partial tuition fee bursaries.

Chong Hwa's second team (Ong Xin Jiong, Zhang Shi Hong and Lim Jun Hong) took home the third prize of RM300, certificates and partial tuition fee bursaries, while Penang Chinese Girls' High School (Oh Yong Xin, Ling Vee Nis and Lim Ai Lin), the only all-girl team had to settle for third runner-up.

The finals which saw the top four teams compete was intense and nerve-wrecking as competing teams tried to outdo each other in being the first to answer.

The top two teams were way ahead of the other two in terms of score. The Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Maths quiz questions were sometimes indirect in the form of application, and some were also tricky leaving even the audience stunned.

The quiz is one of UCSI's many initiatives to promote greater interest in Science and Maths, which form the foundation of all STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) disciplines.

In his welcome note which was read out by associate professor Ir Dr Jimmy Mok Vee Hoong who is UCSI University's deputy vice chancellor, Student Affairs & Alumni, vice chancellor and president Datuk Dr Khalid Yusoff urged the audience to adopt a culture of lifelong learning and love for knowledge.

He also highlighted the importance of promoting greater interest in Science and Maths amongst young people by engaging their natural curiosity and adopting non-traditional teaching and learning methods.]]>
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As part of the Coral Triangle, an area recognised as having the world’s highest marine biodiversity, one estimate puts the value of coral reefs in Malaysia as high as RM50 billion per year, but despite their economic and aesthetic value, coral reefs are being damaged by a variety of both local and global threats.

As part of a commitment to contribute to conserving nature particularly coral reefs, Management & Science University (MSU) sent its students on an environmental and community engagement expedition recently. The three-day programme from July 28 to 30 took a group of 44, including a number of alumni and lecturers, to Pulau Gelok and Kampung Rhu Sepuluh in Terengganu.

The “MSU Eco-Marine Youth Expedition, My Coral 2.0” programme was organised by the International Medical School (IMS) involving students of Bachelor in Medicine and Bachelor in Surgery (MBBS), Bachelor in Medical Sciences, Bachelor and Diploma in Outdoor and Leisure & Adventure Management.

Last year, the first edition of the same programme aimed to develop the biodiversity of marine ecosystems in Pulau Gelok, while protecting and repopulating damaged reef areas through conservation programmes such as coral reef restoration projects.

The programme itinerary comprised community health service, mangrove tree planting, coral planting, beach cleaning, and learning about sea turtle conservation.
The community health service programme took the group to the island’s Kampung Mangkok, where the students and doctors conducted medical checkups on the villagers.

Additionally, a briefing session on coral reef conservation activities was shared by the marine biologists from Dorken Reef Resources, where participants were provided with information on the current development of coral propagation in Pulau Gelok.

According to programme director, Puteri Maz Safura Mohd Khalili, a 2nd year Bachelor in Medical Sciences student, this programme is a continuation of the first edition held in 2016, with the main effort being aimed at the restoration and rehabilitation of coral reefs, and at the same time educating participants on ways to protect the diverse marine ecosystem.

“I believe by educating young people about the importance of the environment in the early stages, it can help to enhance the students and community with a higher awareness on the importance of safeguarding the environment in daily life,” said Dr Nurul Syafinaz Rosli, an MSU alumni who participated in the programme.]]>
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Quality tertiary education
QIUP's Foundation programmes are a great way for students to develop practical and academic skills after SPM to help them embark on their journey towards higher education.

The Foundation in Business, Science and Arts has a practical focus with a range of hands-on experience where students will gain the confidence, skills and knowledge to help them participate effectively in tertiary study. They will also explore a selection of QIUP programmes to help them plan their future study in Diploma or Degree programmes.

Attracting the best academicians from the nation, they're no doubt the strongest pillar of the university, its lecturers are passionate, industry-savvy, highly acclaimed and highly intelligent. Students will benefit tremendously from their knowledge, experiences and networking.

To produce outstanding students, outstanding lecturers are but a must. In this respect, QIUP has attracted the best intellectual minds. The various faculty Deans and Director of Centre are nothing short of impressive.

Prof Dr Abdul Latif Salleh, the Dean of Faculty of Business, Management and Social Sciences (FBMSS) has spent 25 years working for the University of Malaya, and following his retirement in 2008, he went on to continue teaching at the Prince Sultan University in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia for five years.

Prof Datuk Dr Allan Mathews, Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy is a well-known figure in the pharmaceutical profession. Having 14 years of experience in the government sector, pioneering Clinical Pharmacy Services, and 22 years in the pharmaceutical industry, he is highly sought after for his tremendous experience.

Prof Dr Alam Sher Malik, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine has had a distinguished career in Clinical Paediatrics and Child Health as well as in Medical Education and Management, over a period of more than three decades, spent in various parts of the world, especially in Pakistan and Malaysia. He is a recognised expert on infectious diseases in children.

Associate Prof Dr Yagasena Appannah, Dean of the Faculty of Integrative Sciences and Technology, has more than 25 years of experience in teaching, research and industry. He is also a pioneer member of USM research team on Satellite Signal Propagation under the POST-PARTNERS programme in collaboration with Ministry of Post and Telecommunications, Japan.

Associate Prof Dr Vilasini Pillai, Director of Centre for Graduate Studies and Research and also the Head of Biotechnology, comes with more than 30 years of experience in Agriculture Biotechnology and Science & Technology related policies and regulations, having worked in the Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute (MARDI) in the area of genetic engineering of crop plants.

Besides the aforementioned, there are many more excellent academicians in Engineering, Computer Science and the Foundation programmes who have strong credentials and are experts in their fields.

QIUP's quest is to develop all-rounded graduates to not only excel in their studies, but also be actively participating in various conferences, educational competitions and sports during their study here.

As seen with the university clinching podium finishes in three categories at the 2017 National English Olympics (NEO17) competition held at Universiti Teknologi Petronas recently, QIUP was crowned the 1st runner-up in the overall Institutional championship. It was indeed a momentous day at the 2017 National English Olympics competition with so many wins for QIUP.

The undergraduates also presented papers at Interdisciplinary ICT Practice Conference and International Symposium on Mathematical Sciences and Computing Research conference. Their papers have been published in International Journal of Computer Networks and Applications.

QIUP's interim campus is strategically located in Ipoh, away from the distractions of bustling city life and aptly providing a conducive learning environment and lower cost of living. Should one have high hopes on a rich student life and opportunity to interact with the best academicians, QIUP is the answer.

For more information, call the toll free line 1 800 88 7487, email, or log on to]]>
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Entry through working experience
Through WOU, Loh Tzyy Yirng from Hong Seng Estate, Penang realised her aspiration to pursue a degree while being able to maintain her full-time employment. The 22-year-old administrative assistant has been working at a private college for over three years.

“I waited until I turned 21 so I could study for a degree at WOU through APEL using my working experience,” she said. “WOU is near my home and I knew about the university since I work in the education line. I chose WOU because of the part-time study and because the tutorials are only once a month, making it convenient for me.”

Tzyy Yirng enrolled for the Bachelor of Business (Hons) in Human Resource Management (BBHR) programme and aims to elevate herself professionally through this degree. She said upon graduation, she wants to expand her horizons and secure a human resource job.

Another student is Sia Chai Ting from Kuching, Sarawak, who enrolled in the Bachelor of Business (Hons) in Banking and Finance (BBBF). The 23-year-old has been working with Maybank as a clerk for over three years and plans to become a banker. She opted for the programme to improve her knowledge of banking and finance through courses like Money and Banking, Banking and Financial Systems in Malaysia, Corporate Finance, and Business of Banking.

WOU offers more than 50 undergraduate and postgraduate programmes for part-time study. These programmes include the Masters in Business Administration and Bachelors in fields such as management, accounting, sales and marketing, psychology, logistics and supply chain management, construction management, and electronics.

Enrollment for the September intake is in progress. Those interested can take advantage of the special RM1,000 rebate for new students who register with WOU.
For details, log on to or call WOU toll-free careline at 1-300-888-968 or WhatsApp 019-4749323. You can also visit their Info Day at the main campus and regional centres or support centres nationwide every Saturday and Sunday this month.]]>
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Hospitality education
The School of Hospitality and Tourism at SEGi offers programmes in the areas of hospitality and hotel management, tourism management and culinary arts to equip students with skills and knowledge that are increasingly in demand.

Students will have first-class teaching environments at their disposal, which includes a mock fine dining restaurant, mock hotel rooms, and a fully functioning kitchen. These facilities provide a hands-on experience in culinary cooking techniques and other hospitality practices that would benefit students in their future careers.

Committed to providing educational excellence by preparing SPM leavers for the workplace through their innovative programmes, SEGi‘s Foundation in Arts is the first step towards a successful career in the hospitality and tourism industry.

Bridging students from secondary studies to a university degree, the Foundation in Arts takes one year to complete, with the accelerated programme allowing students to articulate into SEGi’s Bachelor of Hospitality Management (Hons) or Bachelor of Science (Hons) International Tourism and Hospitality Management next.

SEGi additionally offers four high-quality diploma programmes in the form of Diploma in Baking and Pastry Arts, Diploma in Culinary Arts, Diploma in Hotel Management, and Diploma in Tourism Management. The programmes allow a smooth transition into employment, made possible with the perfect balance of lectures and hands-on kitchen experience in SEGi’s world-class learning facilities.

For more information, call SEGi University Kota Damansara (03-6145 1777 or 011-1210 6389), SEGi College Subang Jaya (03-8600 1777 or 016-212 9154), SEGi College Kuala Lumpur (03-2070 2078 or 018-211 8653), SEGi College Penang (04-263 3888 or 013-629 4880), SEGi College Sarawak (082-252566 or 017-859 2566) to check out its world-class facilities, or visit]]>
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Fostering relations among students
Encouraged by its initial success between 2011 and 2013, teams from Malaysia and overseas were invited to compete. In 2014, Neurobytes went international
when teams from Indonesia and India responded, and in 2015, the committee incorporated an Anatomy Illustration contest where cash prizes in US dollars were introduced.

The number of participating teams has averaged between 20 and 23 over the preceding three years, and last year, SYNAPSE, the Neurobytes magazine, was dedicated to publishing information on teams, quiz format and general information on Malacca and MMMC.

Organised by the Quiz Club Core Committee (QC3) consisting largely of students who are guided by faculty, 20 teams including six from Indonesia and India participated. In the evening, before the preliminary rounds, an ice-breaking session introduced the various teams to each other, and a 50-question written preliminary round was held, followed by dinner.

To wind up the evening, the participants were taken to the Unesco heritage area around Jonker Street.

The quiz continued the following morning starting with a buzzer-style knock-out round where eight teams were chosen to clash in the semi-finals. The top four teams then faced each other in the grand finale, which was conducted by four quiz masters in a “celebrity box” style where each team could choose the quiz master to ask them the questions. This style eliminated bias and levelled the playing field.

JIPMER, Pondicherry emerged as the overall champion followed by MMMC (first runner-up) and Monash University (second runner-up). While the competition was tough, the event served its purpose of bringing students from diverse backgrounds and places closer together.

The Anatomy Illustration contest was open for participation as well. Three anatomical diagrams from Netter’s Atlas were projected and contestants were allotted 40 minutes to copy one anatomical diagram of their choice. This event was judged by faculty chosen from surgical disciplines and awarded independently from the quiz results.

The QC3 congratulated the winners and thanked all the participants for making it a grand success. It said it looked forward to inviting more teams to Malacca, one of the two Unesco Heritage Cities in Malaysia, and to more peer interaction amid competition.]]>
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Royal win
ATC mainly provides the University of London’s Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree programme, a 3+0 course that enables undergraduates to study locally, yet graduate with a credible international legal qualification from “the very first university that offered English Law” – the University of London.

In the recent LLB examinations held in May, Siah An-Gel from ATC KL won the Malaysian Laws Scholarship. This scholarship, also known as the “King’s Scholarship”, is awarded yearly by the University of London to the highest scoring Malaysian student in Year One of the LLB. Through the scholarship, An-Gel will be completing the remaining two final years of her degree at King’s College London.

Coming from a family with a non-legal background, with an initial interest in medicine, An-Gel’s outstanding results in her A-Levels convinced her to pursue the LLB degree with ATC after being exposed to law.

“Honestly, I chose ATC because I was attracted to their internal merit-scholarship scheme. This gave me the impression that this is an institute that prioritises quality education. Thereafter, my time in ATC had been an amazing one. It was where I had the privilege of meeting great people and amazing lecturers. This is the place that ignited my zeal for law,” An-Gel claims.

In September, An-Gel will begin her second year of LLB in King’s College London, with aspirations to one day become a litigation lawyer.]]>
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