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After all, deciding on a postgraduate degree is a big decision. Forget the potential promotion, pay rise and prestige that comes with having a Master's degree, enrolling in a Master programme is a conscious decision to become an expert in something.

If you are unclear about that, you should not be doing a Master's, said Dr Tan Meng Yoe, coordinator for the Master in Communications and Media Studies programme in Monash University Malaysia's School of Arts and Social Sciences.

The Master of Communications and Media Studies (MCMS) at Monash University Malaysia gives you the skill to identify, unpack, and deconstruct communication processes and networks that societies require to function. In short, it makes you an expert in cultural research. It does not sound fancy, but it makes practical sense in the increasingly globalised society that we live in today.

Media and communications professionals such as journalists and corporate communications professionals are often already experts in their technical craft by the time they consider enrolling in a Master's programme.

The real step up is the development of advanced critical thinking, exposure to a more diverse range of knowledge, and the ability to conduct quality research in order to raise the level of media content, management process, business insights, or any communication roles that one is involved in.  

Critical thinking

Critical thinking, on the basic level, refers to the ability to objectively analyse any issue to develop an informed opinion on it. We are all by nature biased, and it takes discipline and practice to be truly informed.

An example of this is to think of the type of news that we consume. If our habit is to exclusively seek out news that conforms to our pre-existing world view, that is a bias that restricts our capacity to juggle multiple perspectives and analyse deeper layers of meaning.

Without the willingness to engage with our own biases and consider alternative approaches to data, we become echo chambers, hearing only what we want to hear. This is detrimental to any individual as it leads to intellectual complacency.

Here, we provide the tools to break that habit. New theoretical ideas about media and society are taught and applied to real world case studies in order to sharpen our ability to objectively identify issues and solve problems creatively.

New knowledge

Critical thinking is important, but it can only happen when there is something to think about. New knowledge is always necessary. Students learn and share the latest trends and developments in the media and communications industry, and are exposed to a wide range of contemporary issues that have implications on every day life in the Asian region.

Students are also encouraged to learn about cultures beyond their own, to broaden understanding of the world we live in. This accumulation of knowledge is a valuable resource.

All of this is facilitated not just by the lecturers and the curriculum, but also by the diverse student cohort. Because students come from different professional backgrounds and are represented by people from various nationalities, it is an opportunity to learn from each other's cultural and career experiences.

Learning to work together in this environment is a lesson in itself. In short, the spirit of learning is actively cultivated.

Research skills
Contemporary issues are not just gleaned through reading about global events in the news, but through active research by both teacher and student.

Research is a crucial skill to have. Learning to gather information, analyse and synthesise it into knowledge that can be applied into every day life is an advantageous skill to have.

The lecturers in the programme are all research active in a wide variety of areas – social media, communications, urban anthropology, politics and international relations, and more.

But having good teachers with years of teaching experience is not enough. Their scholars are actively producing new knowledge and can pass on advanced skills in conducting relevant research. This provides students with the skills required to develop expertise in their respective fields of work through rigorous, critical, and insightful research.

We often hear that good study programmes are all about being job ready, relevant to the 21st century, collaborative, internationally recognised, and more. The MCMS programme at Monash University Malaysia not only has these elements, but synergises them to create a learning environment where one can develop holistically in every area.]]>
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Esteemed education
Located in Sydney, UNSW has attracted over 52,000 high-achieving students, including 14,000 international students from more than 120 countries, as the university knows what it takes to create future leaders.

Based on QS World University Rankings 2016/2017, UNSW is ranked 27th in the world for employer reputation, as the university has educated more CEOs from 50 of the top companies in Australia and produced more millionaire alumni than any other Australian university.

The alumni community itself is 250,000 strong with graduates working for some of the biggest and best companies in the world, including Google, Penguin, Ernst & Young, PayPal, Rio Tinto, HSBC, NASA and Oxfam.

As an acknowledged world leader in photovoltaics, HIV/AIDS research and quantum computing, and a major player in the research of sciences and social sciences, the university's focus is squarely on transforming research discoveries into success innovations to benefit society, the economy and the future generation.

A petri dish of creativity and innovation, UNSW offers a number of pioneering spaces on its campus; the Michael Crouch Innovation Centre, a new home for student innovation and entrepreneurship; the UNSW Art & Design campus boasts world-class media production and design; the Tyree Energy Technologies Building is one of Australia's few six-star green-rated buildings.

Offering over 900 academic degrees across nine faculties including graduate certificates, graduate diplomas, bachelor degrees, master degrees and doctoral programmes, future potential students are able to enquire on the university's extensive academia by speaking to a UNSW representative at the Further Studies Education Fair 2017.

The fair will be held at the Premiere Hotel in Klang (Nov 30), Grand Riverview Hotel in Kota Baru (Dec 1), Jen Hotel in Penang (Dec 2), One World Hotel in Petaling Jaya (Dec 3), Equatorial Hotel in Malacca (Dec 4), Weil Hotel in Ipoh (Dec 5), Zenith Hotel in Kuantan (Dec 6), Palm Hotel in Seremban (Dec 8), and Grand Paragon Hotel in Johor Baru (Dec 9).

For details, email or call 012-9699 273.]]>
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Future educators
Through the introduction of specialisations for Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) and Education Management for the MEd programme, the programme is designed to cater towards the demand for professional qualifications in the education sector and improvement of the standard of services in educational institutions.

Inspired by her mother and grandmother, who are teachers by profession, Ann Prasana Raj, a MEd student, opted for the TESL specialisation to pursue her passion of teaching English.

Ann is currently a Marketing Executive in DISTED College but plans to apply for a teaching position at an educational institution upon completion of her studies.

The Education Management specialisation is designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills in the effective management and administration of an educational institution.

The 46-credit MEd programme can be completed in four semesters over two years. Graduates of MEd are able to qualify for academic or administrative positions in schools, such as Principal or Head, and assume managerial positions in institutions of higher learning.

Enrolment for the January 2018 intake is currently in progress. Interested applicants who possess a Bachelor's degree with a minimum CGPA of 2.5 will gain direct entry into the Master's programme.

Others can enter via the flexible Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning (APEL) requirement, provided that they are at least 30 years of age and possess relevant work experience.

For more information on WOU programmes and promotions, visit, or call WOU's toll-free Careline at 1-300-888-968 (WOU), or WhatsApp 019-474 9323.]]>
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Home to entrepreneurs
The creation of an entrepreneurial eco-system across its curriculum provides students with an environment that nurtures them to be deeply rooted with entrepreneurial know-how.

Ricky Toong is an exceptional example of being exposed to the university's culture of entrepreneurship. Having graduated with a Master in Business Administration (MBA), he went into entrepreneurial mode and chose a path less taken by peers of his generation when he decided to farm chicken.

Although this had elicited laughter at the start, Toong kept at it and chose to study on halal chicken production.

"My biggest challenge used to be the chickens' mortality rate where I had 2,000 dead chickens in one day. After learning and changing the things I do, I managed to bring the rate down to 5% from the usual 10% and 15%.

"The chickens' diet is also a challenge to maintain because their feed has to be sourced and put together from various suppliers such as soy excess from tofu manufacturers and coconut excess from kaya (coconut jam) producers.

"Also dealing with people from suppliers to customers is always a challenge in any business. This skill is not something taught in university. You are taught to be nice, but in business there are a lot of competition and so you learn to be strong instead," he said.

Toong is currently pursuing his PhD in Business Administration. He feels grateful to his family, colleagues and staff at MSU Graduate School of Management for all their support and encouragement.

For more information, call 603-5521 6868, email or visit]]>
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Freelance economy
"The world we live in now is all about the flexibility to choose the jobs or projects we want," Johnson, INTI Education Group's senior vice president of marketing, explained.

Recognising the role of freelancers in shaping the Malaysian economy, and to better understand the growing adoption of freelancing as a career, INTI International University & Colleges commissioned a first-ever survey of 300 full-time freelancers representing various professional fields of work, including business, marketing, IT and computer science, culinary arts, and art and design.

The survey uncovered insights on the freelancing landscape in Malaysia, as well as the potential role of tertiary education institutions and the government in responding to the growth of this sector.

Commenting on the survey, Timothy Bulow, CEO of INTI International University & Colleges said, "The freelancing economy is changing the way we think about careers and has expanded job prospects beyond traditional employment.

"With young professionals opting to freelance in spite of the availability of full-time work, the impact of this shift must be given serious consideration if we are to leverage these talents in advancing Malaysia's economy," Bulow explained.

To further deliberate the survey findings and uncover the realities of the freelancing economy in Malaysia, INTI organised a panel session with Bulow and industry partners Wong Theen Chuan, deputy manager for the Strategic Management Department of EPF, Melvin Lim, CEO of Trisilco IT Sdn Bhd and an INTI alumnus, and Lau Chak Onn, editor-in-chief at Cilisos Media Sdn Bhd.

In addressing the advantages of freelancing, both survey and panel found that freelancers are in a unique position to make choices in what they want to do rather than being tied down to a scope of responsibilities. This creates diversified work exposure, enabling freelancers to learn new skills and insights from client to client.

As dynamic and versatile professionals, freelancers could become real assets to organisations and the economy as they leverage a broad perspective of ideas when engaged in projects. In spite of this strength, there are still gaps in the opportunities and development of freelance professionals in the country.

Lau, an established name in the Malaysia's digital media said, "The job market has changed. With few 'safe' jobs available, more Malaysians are now jumping on the attractively liberal freelance market. Calling your own hours, keeping 100% of the revenue, working from hipster cafes may seem like a dream job, but do freelancers really know what they are getting themselves into? Also, will this be good for the country in the long run?"

Despite the growing popularity of freelancing, long term financial sustainability remains one of the critical concerns for freelancers, with 66% of respondents to the survey not having a retirement plan, while 33% do not have a personal savings plan. These findings support EPF's recent call to the government for more incentives under retirement savings schemes.

Subsequently, 65% of freelancers ranked government recognition of freelancing as a formal career as the top of their Budget wish-list, indicating that this would enable them to apply for social security, loans and capital that would facilitate their financial sustainability.

Wong, whose efforts in EPF's Strategy Management Department includes working closely with the Malaysian government on policy formulation for financial protection in old age explained, "It is worrying that despite the growth of the freelancing economy in the country, these professionals do not save for retirement, as about 70% of Malaysians are below the global levels of acceptable financial literacy rates.

"It is important that freelancers should start equipping themselves with sound financial management knowledge as they are at higher risk of not having a long term retirement plan compared to full time employees," said Wong.]]>
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New ball game
Today, every country in Asia and South East Asia are investing in the football business. In Singapore, organisations such as the Goal Keeping Academy has a six-year plan to produce fast-paced talents developing them into players with world-class technical competency.

Other countries like Myanmar, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia are also seriously funding this sport through various stakeholders. India has started its own soccer league and with a population of 1.2 billion, one can imagine how this business will explode in the region.

The men in jerseys foresee a bright future playing the sport. The people and management who support the sport foresee profitable returns. With all the funding, the world of football is expecting the business to perform extremely well.

Cyberlynx International College's football programme was developed by a team of highly experienced and skilled professionals from academic institutions and football practitioners from the UK to meet the requirements of the industry. The programme's philosophy is to help students become mentally, technically and physically prepared as players and managers.

Therefore, emphasis is given on the importance of the game in sport science, coaching education, refereeing, facilities management, local community competitions management, talent development, elite player development, analytical mind development, grass-root support creation for calculating value, social bonding and development of life skills.

The Diploma in Football Studies dubbed as "the dream course" leads to a Bachelor of Arts degree in Football Studies and Business Management.

For details, visit them at Level 20, Unit 20-1, Oval Damansara, 685, Jalan Damansara, Kuala Lumpur. Call 03-773 34545 or 1800 88 0242 (toll free), email, or visit]]>
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Acclaimed award
A reputed top international school in Kuala Lumpur, this achievement adds on to the already illustrious track record of SJIS, further displaying that the school produces amazing students with excellent results.

Though Chinese by descent, Isaac Lee Kian Min and Isabelle Lim Ning have successfully mastered the Malay language, and will be awarded at the prestigious Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards ceremony on Nov 27.

Conveying their gratitude and acknowledgement to SJIS, especially to their teachers who were instrumental in their success, Isaac and Isabelle further extended their appreciation for the full support given by their parents, teachers and school throughout their studies and examinations.

The "crème de la crème" brilliant duo are of the opinion that other students should take up the IGCSE Malay language subject, and they view that these students could perform equally well in the subject, as SJIS provides the best possible conducive learning environment.

The aforementioned awards are only accorded to exceptional learner achievement in Cambridge examinations globally, as the primary intent of these awards is the celebration and recognition of the success by selected high-performing Cambridge learners, which include the "Top in Country", "Best Across" and "High Achievement" categories.

Prior to this, SJIS had been accorded "Top in Malaysia" for the IGCSE May-June 2016 examination for the Malay language subject. A non-Malay student by descent, Pavindran had demonstrated an excellent mastery of Malay under the coaching and guidance of the Malay language teachers at SJIS.

At SJIS, the school is committed towards achieving their vision and mission; to be leaders in the provision of a first-class, well-rounded holistic education within a stimulating learning environment.

Furthermore, the school endeavours to secure its mission in inspiring every student with the fortitude to grow into respected and trusted leaders of the community by accomplishing academic, personal and social goals founded on the holism of faith, knowledge, critical thinking, creativity and excellence.

Supported by a dedicated teaching faculty that walks the extra mile towards the achievement of academic excellence in its students, SJIS has formed a conducive and tight kinship network among the school's citizens that provides a thriving learning environment for potential talents to flourish.]]>
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Transforming life, enriching future
MSU has been accorded "Excellent Status University" twice on the national university-rating system SETARA, and The Most Entrepreneurial Private University 2016, both by the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education. The most recent recognitions to MSU include Best Brand in Education for Leadership and Human Capital Development 2017, awarded at the Asia Pacific Elite of Elites BrandLaureate Awards.

For its Teaching, Facilities, Graduate Employability, Social Responsibility, and Inclusiveness, MSU rates Five Stars on the QS World Universities Rating System. MSU recently entered QS World Universities Ranking for the first time, placing 217th among the top 1.8% of the best universities in the QS Asia Ranking 2018.

As Malaysia's best teaching and learning university, MSU gives top priority to building both students and faculty and enhancing graduate employability. Engaging highly qualified academics and international visiting professors, the university delivers compelling learning experiences within the framework of a holistic curriculum.

Collaborative, industry- and enterprise-embedded MSU blends global exposure with extensive industrial training to enrich the personal competencies of its graduates.

Its global mobility initiatives for student exchange, leadership development, and market immersion empower MSU graduates with the well-roundedness desired and sought after by employers.

A tracer study by the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE) shows 98.6% MSU graduates successful at securing employment within six months of their graduation.

Steeped in a culture of research and innovation as well as social entrepreneurship, technology-driven MSU comprises the Faculty of Health & Life Sciences, the Faculty of Business Management & Professional Studies, the Faculty of Information Sciences & Engineering, the International Medical School, the School of Pharmacy, the School of Education & Social Sciences, the School of Hospitality & Creative Arts, the School of Graduate Studies, the Graduate School of Management and the Centre for Fundamental Studies.

For more information, call MSU at +603-5521 6868, fax +603-5511 2848, email or visit]]>
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Honouring scientific excellence
One of them is Dr Ho Weang Kee from the University of Nottingham Malaysia. The 35-year-old clinched the award for her development of a risk prediction model for breast cancer, which uses DNA and lifestyle information to identify those at risk of the cancer for early detection.

Another winner, Dr Jasy Liew Suet Yan from Universiti Sains Malaysia, is recognised for building a system that detects signs of depression by analysing emotional patterns on social media. The 32-year-old hopes that the emotion-sensitive technology will encourage early diagnosis and treatment.

Working on sustainable resource management, Dr Teh Su Yean netted the award with her unification of science, engineering, technology and mathematics to protect coastal resources in Malaysia.

The 36-year-old associate professor of the School of Mathematical Science at Universiti Sains Malaysia is building a model that will conserve groundwater, which may become crucial when other water source are depleted due to global climate change.]]>
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Academic destination
This has led to the alumni of the aforementioned universities who have become global corporate leaders, leading politicians, thinkers and professionals, and almost all of whom have had a significant influence or role on global issues.

IDP destination head (UK & NZ) for Malaysia, Indonesia and South Korea, Jayanthi Thevarajah explains why the UK is a great education destination, as she says, "Studying in UK for an honours degree is shorter in comparison to other countries, which can be cost effective in the long run for parents."

"Most UK universities are more flexible in accepting a wider variety of entry level qualifications. Professional degrees such as Accountancy, Engineering and Pharmacy are accredited by relevant regulatory authority which set and maintain internationally recognised standards of professional competence and ethics," Jayanthi claims.

The UK learning experience provides students with independent thought, encourages proactive problem-solving skills, enables development of intellectual skills and empowers creative and effective thinking.

These are skills globally recognised by employers as core qualities that are needed to meet the requirements of the global economy and to succeed in a competitive job market. The UK has been welcoming international students from over 100 countries for generations.

Having partnered with over 80 institutions in the UK, IDP Education Limited is the world's leading international student placement provider, assisting in more than 420,000 international students in fulfilling their goal of an overseas education for more than 45 years.

Boasting a network of over 100 international student placement centres, across more than 32 countries, IDP is also the co-owner of IELTS, the world's most popular go-to English language test.

At IDP Education Malaysia, specialised UK counsellors are trained to assist students throughout their journey to explore education opportunities in UK, effectively going beyond a counsellor merely matching choices of studies with appropriate institutions.

Being at the forefront of the education industry, IDP has pooled resources and invested in technology to help Malaysian students find the best institutions to study in. With access to exclusive innovative software, students are able to obtain up-to-date information on the institution of their choosing.

IDP Education Malaysia will be hosting "IDP Study in UK Exhibition" from Nov 11 to 21 in Kuala Lumpur, Johor Baru, Penang, Kuching and Kota Kinabalu.

Students will have the opportunity to meet with some of UK prestigious institutions that will be in Malaysia for this open day. It is a golden opportunity to prepare these students and parents for the January/February and September intakes applications next year.

Prospective students at the upcoming exhibition will be able to get advice and gain information from IDP Education Malaysia's UK-trained and specialised counsellors, along with representatives from the institution on career pathways, study applications, student visa and International English Language Testing System (IELTS).

Participating institutions will be accepting applications for various courses and UCAS application fees will be waived by IDP. Admission to the "IDP Study in UK Exhibition" is free and students are advised to bring the original and photocopies of their education certificates.

For more information or to register, visit or contact IDP Kuala Lumpur office at 03-2162 3755, IDP Subang Jaya at 03-563 6558, IDP Johor Bahru at 07-364 0080, IDP Penang at 04-226 1811, IDP Kota Kinabalu at 088-242 336, IDP Kuching at 082-577 645.]]>
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