Local News Local News en Kedah has never begged from federal government: MB
On the other hand, Ahmad Bashah said the state government discussed and made applications to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak in following the right channel for each project planned by the state government.

"I disagree if we are said to be begging from the federal government, we request for allocations because we know we are not the only ones seeking aid as other states are (doing) the same, and every application is based on detailed planning," he told a media conference today at Wisma Darul Aman.

He said this when commenting on the allegation by Mukhriz (PPBM-Ayer Hitam) yesterday at the State Assembly sitting that the state government was forced to beg to get federal government aid.

Ahmad Bashah, who is also Bakar Bata state assemblyman said the term, "begging" or "seeking alms" should not arise because the federal government was duty-bound to help state governments, regardless of whether the state was ruled by the opposition or otherwise.

In fact, he said, Kedah was very fortunate because it had received many allocations from the federal government, including via the Kedah Science and Technology Park of RM417 million; Jeniang Transfer and Naok Dam (RM1 billion), Rubber City project (RM320 million), expansion of Langkawi International Airport (RM89 million) and Kuala Kedah Jetty upgrading work (RM208 million). — Bernama]]>
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KL2017: Najib hails chinlone team for winning first gold
"First gold! Congratulations chinlone squad! #BangkitBersama #KL2017 #Negaraku #Kebanggaanku," Najib said on his official Twitter account.

Malaysia clinched the gold medal in the men's event 3 (linking) after picking up 391 points, beating the Philippines who only managed 271 points.

Brunei took the bronze in the three-team event. Chinlone is a sepak takraw type sport. — Bernama]]>
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Isa remanded for five days (Updated)
The Registrar of Subordinate Court of Malaya, Datuk Zainal Abidin Kamarudin, issued the order to have Mohd Isa remanded following an application from MACC.

Mohd Isa, 68, who was in MACC lock-up attire, was brought to the Putrajaya Magistrate's Court at 9.10am accompanied by several MACC officers in an MACC vehicle.

He was represented by six lawyers led by Datuk K. Kumaraendran. The other lawyers in the team were Dev Kumaraendran, Ridha Ahdar Subry, Datuk Khairul Anwar Rahmat, Lavina Kumarendran and Datuk N. Sivananthan.

DPP Tengku Amir Zaki Tengku Abdul Rahman appeared for the MACC.

The prosecution had sought for a remand order for seven days but Mohd Isa's team of lawyers had objected to the application, saying he should not be remanded at all.

Mohd Isa was remanded to assist in the investigation under Section 16 of the Malaysia Anti-Corruption Commission Act 2009 for the offence of allegedly accepting gratifications.

"We argued that he should not be remanded," said Datuk Kumaraendran.

He said Mohd Isa should not be remanded only for recording a statement, adding MACC can still record his statement when he is released.

"We asked for him (Mohd Isa) to be remanded in hospital. He has severe and acute heart problem, which is supported by a medical report by a specialist," said Kumaraendran.

"He (Mohd Isa) is not a flight risk and he will not interfere with any witnesses," said Datuk Kumaraendran, when reporters asked him about his submission in the court.

He also said that there is no allegation or evidence that he may destroy documents.

He said he told the court that Mohd Isa is being remanded to record a statement over documents.

"We said that he (Mohd Isa) can still be let out and he can be called in to MACC to give statement on the documents," said Kumaraendran.

"We suggested he should not be remanded because they only want to record a statement, referring to documents," said Kumaraendran.

"Tan Sri (Mohd Isa) gave an undertaking that he is prepared to to go to MACC, anytime," said Datuk Kumaraendran.

"Hopefully, Tan Sri will be released on Sunday," Kumaraendran said.

He said the prosecution in its submission indicated that it has almost completed the investigation.

He said Zainal told MACC to allow any medication to be given to Mohd Isa, if he needs any medical treatment.

He said the prosecution indicated that there is a hospital nearby (where Mohd Isa is detained) and that he will get the necessary medical attention, if needed.

Mohd Isa was detained at about 2.40pm by the MACC after he was questioned for two hours, at the MACC headquarters, on Tuesday.

He was detained in connection with the overpriced purchase of one hotel in London by the corporation's subsidiary, Felda Investment Corporation (FIC).]]>
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84 underprivileged students for AirAsia RedQ motivational session
Its chief executive officer, Aireen Omar said the event was part of AirAsia's #GirlsCanDoAnything campaign in collaboration with the women, family and community development ministry aimed at empowering young girls to dream big and inspire them not to limit themselves and dare to choose their desired career path in any field.

"In AirAsia, everyone here stands an equal chance to chase their dreams. We have female pilots and aircraft engineers soaring high in this male dominated field," she said in a statement here today.

The minister, Datuk Seri Rohani Abdul Karim was quoted in the statement the ministry supported such initiatives which would benefit women's development, economic development and contribute to the country.

"It is also important to develop leadership and courage among the young generation to thrive in the future," she said. — Bernama]]>
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PM launches housing project for 400 former estate workers He said the Ampar Tenang People’s Housing Project in Dengkil near here would be completed in July 2019, and would replace the Taman Permata Low-Cost Houses, also in Dengkil, which is now the home of the ex-workers of the Perang Besar, Madingley, Galloway and Sedgley estates.
The Prime Minister said the housing project proved that the Barisan Nasional government took into consideration the lament of the people who had made a sacrifice for national development.
“Without the four estates and the sacrifice of the 400 families, there will be no Putrajaya that we have today,” he said.
Najib also announced that the houses under the RM60-million project would be sold at RM20,000 per unit compared to the original cost of RM150,000.
"This means that the government is providing a subsidy of RM130,000 per unit, a decision unmatched by any other party,” he said.
Najib also announced that the 216 former estate workers who had paid RM20,000 for units in the Taman Permata Low Cost Housing Scheme where they now lived would be able to own the new houses at no cost.
The residents of Taman Permata had faced the issue of cracks in their houses, possibly caused by soil erosion.
Najib said the construction of the houses was a manifestation of the government efforts to help the people and also proved that the BN government fulfilled its pledges.
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Two Perlis fire officers nabbed for bribery
Perlis MACC director Yaacob Angah said the fire officers, aged 45 and 49, were picked up at 12.15pm following a public tip-off.

"They were alleged to have solicited and received bribes amounting to RM1,200 as an inducement for them not to take action against a complainant over a building security-related offence," he said when contacted here today.

He said they were investigated under Section 17(a) of the MACC Act 2009. — Bernama]]>
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TH: Don't believe social media's 'Wukuf Day' date
Wukuf Day at Mount Arafah is the peak of the Haj.

Head of the 1438 Hijrah Malaysia Haj delegation, Datuk Syed Saleh Syed Abdul Rahman said all hijrah year dates including the fixing of Wukuf Day and Aidiladha depended on the Ummul Qura' calendar (hijrah calendar), which is also used by the Saudi Arabian government.

"So, based on the Ummul Qura' calendar, Wukuf Day on 9th Zulhijjah, falls on Aug 31, 2017, which is a Thursday," he told reporters at the TH office in Abraj Al-Janadriyah Hotel, here Tuesday.

He was clarifying the message which has gone viral among Malaysian Haj pilgrims in the Holy Land, and Muslims in Malaysia since several days ago, on the fixing of Wukuf Day.

The message purportedly stated that the Saudi Arabian government had decided Wednesday, Aug 23 as 1st Zulhijjah, Wukuf Day on Friday and Aidiladha on Saturday, Sept 2.

Syed Saleh said the Saudi Arabian government would look at the new moon before declaring a new month in the Islamic calendar each year.

"For example, during the month of Zulhijjah, they (the Saudi Arabian government) will look at the new moon on Aug 21 to decide whether the next day is 30th Zulkaedah or 1st Zulhijjah, the new month.

"So from there, we can know the date for Wukuf and Aidiladha. I hope we wait for the official announcement from the Saudi Arabian government," he said. — Bernama]]>
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Selangor KPDNKK foils cheating attempt over bed sheet pricing
Its enforcement chief, Azman Adam said the ministry seized 33 sets of the bedding item with fake price tags totalling RM13,294 at the sale which offered a 70% discount for the product, following a tip-off from the public.

"Our inspection revealed the bed sheet sets were sold at RM289 each, with the price tags stating a 70% discount, making the new price of the bed sheets at RM86.70 each.

"However, checks revealed that other tags for the same item at the supermarket were priced at RM57.80 (each). This means there is an attempt to increase the price and deceive the consumers," he told a press conference at the Selangor KPDNKK headquarters here today.

Azman said no arrest was made during the inspection and that the ministry would complete the investigation the soonest possible.

He also urged consumers not to easily fall for cheap prices offered and make comparison first before buying. — Bernama]]>
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Govt planning to expand KLIA after 2020: Abd Aziz Kaprawi
He said the long-term plan would include a new satellite terminal building.

According to him, after studying the pace of development of the aviation industry in the country, it was found that KLIA would only be able to cope with the existing number of passengers until 2020.

"The number of passengers passing through KLIA has increased dramatically. In 2016, there were 89 million passengers as compared to 45.2 million in 2006, which is close to a 100% increase.

"This is an achievement, thus making KLIA a transit hub in the region which is on par with Changi Airport, Singapore, and Suvarnabhumi International Airport in Bangkok, Thailand," he said when contacted by Bernama today.

Earlier at the Dewan Negara sitting, Abd Aziz responded to a supplementary question from Senator Datuk Mohd Salim Bin Sharif @ Mohd Sharif who wanted to know the number of passengers handled by KLIA and the government's future plans for the airport.

On another matter, Abd Aziz said the Malaysian Aviation Commission (Mavcom) always ensured there was fair competition among airline companies and prohibited any form of unfair competition in the aviation services market.

"However, Mavcom does not impose any ruling on the airline companies' flight schedules as this is the individual company's commercial decision and the welfare of passengers is not compromised.

"Instead, passengers are given more leeway to plan," he said in reply to Senator Abdullah Mat Yasim who wanted to know what the government was doing in relation to airlines having almost similar flight schedules. — Bernama]]>
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SEA Games: Malaysia promises to iron out 'glitches'
The Malay Mail Online reported that the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre needed a lot of work as it was only handed over to organisers two days ago, while spectators faced problems getting into Monday's Malaysia-Brunei match.

"There are some glitches here and there, we are taking care of that now," Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin told reporters, adding that overall the picture was "so far so good".

Khairy, who himself will compete in polo at the multi-sport event, earlier offered assurances that all venues for the August 19-30 games would be ready on time despite the problems, the Malay Mail reported.

Events taking place at the convention centre include judo, karate, taekwondo and snooker.

Large crowds flocked to watch the Malaysia-Brunei game Monday, which Malaysia won 2-1, but some fans with tickets could get in, with media reports blaming poor organisation.

Hosts Malaysia won the first gold of the games Wednesday in sepak takraw, a sport native to Southeast Asia that combines elements of football and volleyball. They beat the Philippines and Brunei in the "chinlone" category of the sport to win.

Malaysia is targeting 111 gold medals at the SEA Games, which brings together thousands of athletes from across the region. — AFP]]>
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