Local News Local News en Fuel prices to go down two sen
RON95 and RON97 will be reduced by 2 sen, while diesel by 4 sen from midnight Wednesday to July 5.

RON95 will retail at RM1.89 per litre, RON97 at RM2.15, and diesel to RM1.84.

This was announced on the Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Ministry's Twitter account today.

The weekly fuel pricing mechanism came into effect in April this year.]]>
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Jica-EPU seminar '60 Years & Beyond: The Way Forward'
Year 2016 was the 60th year since the first technical trainees visited Japan from Malaysia in 1956, and Year 2017 is the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relationship between Malaysia and Japan. As a commemoration of those anniversaries, the Seminar intended to look back how Japanese Official Development Assistance (ODA) has been walking along the way to social and economic development of Malaysia and to explore the ways to widen the scope of future cooperation of the two countries.

At the seminar, Datuk Yogeswaran of EPU and Orikasa of the Embassy of Japan both acknowledged the success of Japanese assistance and complimented Jica's role in the development process.

A keynote speech and a video provided the background and characteristics of Japanese ODA and explained the basis for the success of the cooperation. Guided by Dr Leon from Sunway University, a panel of 6 speakers then explored various themes of the development cooperation that ranged from industrialization, infrastructure development, waste management to human resource development, private sector and the importance in trade and investment and finally the future of the cooperation, which will likely to take the form of partnership, the next step beyond development cooperation and assistance.

Many top management participated in the seminar including those from Centre for Instructor and Advanced Skill Training (CIAST) and Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC), both of them have long cooperation history, as well as implementing agencies of on-going projects such as Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA) and Malaysia-Japan International Institute of Technology (MJIIT). The fact that more than 60 of Ministries/Departments and universities participated in the seminar shows that many Malaysian related recognized the contribution of Japan to social and economic development of Malaysia and people-to-people exchange between Malaysia and Japan through training programmes under the Look East Policy built the foundation of this success.

Expectation from Malaysia towards Japanese cooperation is still strong, but that is more about facilitation to connect resources such as information between Malaysia and Japan rather than the orthodox financial and technical cooperation.

The relationship between Malaysia and Japan is getting more comprehensive and multi-layered. To cope with this change, Jica's role needs to change from simple "cooperation" to mediating and promoting "collaboration" between various players of the two countries.

For more information, please visit

SOURCE : Japan International Cooperation Agency (Jica)

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— Bernama]]>
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Strollers, TV among 'lost and found' items at KLIA
"Our store keeps expanding because of the lost and found items," said Malaysia Airports (Sepang) Sdn Bhd senior general manager, Zainol Isa.

He did not rule out the possibility that some passengers take advantage by intentionally leaving their belongings before flying because they know that MAHB would keep the items safely for sometime before disposing them.

"After the passengers return to Malaysia from their trip they will report to MAHB that they had lost their belongings and submit a claim for the goods," he said recently.

He said the MAHB would normally keep the lost and found items for 30 days before disposing them.

MAHB handles up to 60,000 bags daily at the KLIA and Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 (klia2), he said.

"For security measures, MAHB staff are trained to always be on the alert for any unattended baggage or items at the airport," he added.

Zainol said the baggage handling system at the airport was a multi-party responsibility and required close collaboration between the airport operator and airlines.

According to a MAHB statement, there are two main components for baggage handling at the airport, namely the automated conveyor system as well as the manual operations of loading and unloading baggage from the aircraft, by the ground handlers.

"The automated conveyor system is a facility provided by the airport and the manual operations are handled by the airlines' ground handlers," the statement added.

MAHB is responsible for the baggage security screening, early baggage storage and carousel assignment while the airlines' ground handler manages the baggage transfer, loading and unloading baggage from the aircraft and transportation from aircraft to breakdown areas.

Zainol said MAHB engaged with the ground handlers via 'Baggage Committee Meeting' on bi-weekly basis to discuss problems and immediate action plans to resolve such problems from recurring. — Bernama]]>
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Man arrested for threatening to kill daughters
In the 5pm incident, the 30-year-old suspect is believed to have confined his daughters in a room and threatened to kill them by pointing a samurai sword to their necks.

Kota Kinabalu City police chief ACP M. Chandra said initial investigations revealed that the suspect was angry because his ex-wife who is now in Johor did not return home to celebrate Aidilfitri together.

Upon receiving the report from the cousin who had earlier tried to stop the suspect, police rushed to the scene and persuaded the suspect to surrender and not to harm his two children.

"A few minutes later, the suspect brought out his two children, unharmed and handed them over to a family member. The suspect then surrendered to the police," he said.

Police also seized weapons such as a 40-cm samurai sword and a vegetable cutter, while the suspect also tested positive for drugs.

He would be remanded until July 1 to facilitate investigations. — Bernama]]>
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Youth found dead with hands and feet tied with nylon string
Northeast district deputy police chief V. Saravanan said the body of M. Sathiwill, 20, was found at about 9.30am by a tenant (woman) of the house.

According to Saravanan the body of the victim who rented a room with his brother was found wrapped with a bed sheet.

"A witness said the victim was attacked by five men at the corridor of house on the 16th floor early Tuesday. Initial investigations revealed that the victim was beaten up by the five suspects before being dragged into his room. The victim was also injured with a blunt object as his face was swollen," he said when contacted here today.

Saravanan said police have already identified the five suspects after viewing the closed-circuit television (CCTV) recording found in the lift of the flats. — Bernama]]>
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Thief flees with cat lover's 5 imported felines
It cost Mohd Hisham Mat Isa RM5,000 to import the felines – four Persians and one Maine Coon.

He said he became aware of the incident at 6.30am after noticing a hole in the steel cage where he kept his 14 cats.

"I checked the closed-circuit television camera (CCTV) footage, the culprit was a man probably in his 20s. He entered the premises from the front before making a cut in the cage and fleeing with my five cats," he told Bernama here today.

Mohd Hisham, 42, said he lodged a police report at the Simpang Empat police station at 11.30am the same day and would hand over the CCTV recording soon to assist police in the investigation.

He said his premises, located at the roadside, often became the target of criminals. Earlier this year, thieves stole 38 fig trees that he had planted. — Bernama]]>
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Phase two of MRT's Semantan-Kajang line is 99% complete
The Prasarana Malaysia Bhd president and group chief executive officer said currently test runs were carried out daily.

"When Phase 2 of the MRT is launched this July 17 by the Prime Minister (Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak), the 51km Sungai Buloh-Kajang line will be fully operational by then.

Phase 2 links Kajang to the Semantan station.

"Currently we are constantly conduct runs for the trains to ensure it is disruption free when its service starts on July 17 after the launch by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak," Azmi said after sending off some 49 Prasarana train captains to Mecca to undergo training and subsequently be on duty for the Al Mashaaer Al Mugaddassah Metro Southern Line (MMMSL).

The Phase One of the MRT project involving the 20km Sungai Buloh-Semantan line had been in operation since December last year.]]>
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Stranded hawkbill turtle released back into sea
The incident came to light after a member of the public, who was fishing nearby, found the turtle in difficulty among some rubbish and rocks.

The turtle is listed as a critically-endangered species.

Central Malacca district civil defence officer Capt Aljibin Suddin said the member of the public alerted the APM.

Four APM personnel arrived at the scene at 5.45pm.

"The turtle was trapped behind some rocks and we believe that it was stranded due to the high tide."

The rescued turtle was released into the sea.

Malacca is reportedly the biggest nesting population in Peninsular Malaysia for the endangered hawksbill turtle, with an average of between 400 and 450 nesting annually.]]>
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Second incident involving Malindo Air
Malindo Air said the captain immediately followed the standard operating procedures and returned to Dhaka and the aircraft landed safely.

"Safety is always the top priority of Malindo Air, and the airline apologises for any inconvenience and delay caused due to this incident," the airline said in a statement today, adding that the flight took off at 12.50pm (local time).

It said the airline was working with the airport authorities to provide assistance and to ensure that the passengers and crew were well taken care of.

Malindo Air said the passengers would be reallocated to other flights.

This is the second incident involving the airline. On Sunday, Malindo Air's flight OD132 which left Lahore, Pakistan around 9.25pm (local time) heading for Kuala Lumpur was diverted to Delhi due to an engine issue.

The airline said it was conducting an investigation with the engine manufacturer of its Boeing 737-900 aircraft to determine the cause of the incident.

"The captain on board had executed emergency situation by following the standard operating procedure and landed safely at the nearest airport, Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi, within 40 minutes," it said.]]>
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Devotees throng Goddess of Mercy Temple for consecration
They were led by abbot Datuk Seri Venerable Seck Jit Heng who presided over the unveiling of the main altar as well as the candle lighting ceremony.

The main temple pavilion was filled with devotees who joined the monks in prayers and chants during the sacred ceremony to invite the deities inside.

Earlier, Kong Hock Keong Trustees chairman Datuk Seri Khoo Keat Siew said the refurbishing works cost RM6 million and work started in 2012.

He said the work to restore the 217-year-old temple included repairing the roof which was damaged in a storm five years ago, strengthening the structure and giving the building a new coat of paint.

Khoo said the temple, known as Kuan Ying Teng in the Hokkien dialect, was an illustration of social harmony in society as represented by the three wells within the premises.

He said these wells represent the social and spiritual cohesion that helps bring the Chinese people together.

He said the three wells also correspond to the three main deities which brought peace, comprising Ma Chor, the goddess of seafarers, Guan Kong, god of war and Kuan Ying, goddess of mercy.

"What began as roof repair works have developed into a full scale conservation process including the creation of a small garden, interpretation panels and the consecration ceremony to welcome the deities," he said.

In his speech, Seck thanked devotees and those who have donated to the conservation efforts.

He said this was the fourth time refurbishment works were carried out and that the last was in 1964.

Also present was Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng who announced the state will be allocating RM200,000 to the temple and a further RM50,000 will be allocated from the Penang Island City Council.

He also urged the federal government to strengthen the mechanism for the listing of national heritage buildings.

He said the trustees of such buildings should still have a say over the management of the building and that the federal government provide grants to these trustees.

He said doing so can give confidence to trustees to accept such listings but noted any such listing still required the go-ahead of the state government.

"The federal government cannot force the issue, if, after consulting with the trustees who say no, the state will not assent to the listing," he added in his speech.]]>
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