Showbiz Showbiz en J.J. Lin concert tickets back on sale July 23
The concerts, set to take place at the Axiata Arena on Sept 7 and 8, were for the J.J. Lin Sanctuary World Tour Kuala Lumpur.

Following fan outcry over the ticket sales disruption, official ticketing agent SeatAdvisor released a statement to say that it had "found robotic technology planted during the ticket launch ... which could have come from scalpers or resellers".

To protect fans and to rectify the issue, it explained that it decided to suspend the online ticket sales.

Lin's Malaysian concert organiser, UnUsUaL Entertainment, also released a statement saying that it understands the frustrations of fans, and is working with the ticketing agent to rectify the issue.

However, fans will not have to wait long, as SeatAdvisor announced that ticket sales will resume again on Monday, July 23 at noon.

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Fox showcases bigger, badder aliens in 'The Predator'
The movie, due out on Sept 14, will reacquaint audiences with the deadly extraterrestrial made famous in the 1987 blockbuster starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Shane Black's modern take on the cult series — five films in total, including two crossover releases with the Alien franchise — sees the universe's most lethal hunters returning smarter and deadlier thanks to genetic modifications.

"There's a faction on Predator homeworld that's been bested not once, but twice, by earthlings," said Black.

"They send their champions to earth, and they don't come home. They don't like that. So we figured they want to punch back."

The new cast is a diverse ensemble featuring Boyd Holbrook, Jacob Tremblay, Keegan-Michael Key, Olivia Munn, Sterling K. Brown, Alfie Allen and Jake Busey.

The Hall H crowd at Comic-Con was treated to detailed footage including a look at Munn's government scientist in a hotel room with a group of ex-soldiers who've just got away from one of the alien hunters.

Another clip shows a Predator almost getting the better of Munn, Tremblay ("Room"), and Boyd Holbrook ("Narcos") before getting taken out and beheaded by a bigger, previously unseen "Ultimate Predator."

Black described the latest aliens as "completely savage, brutal creatures," adding that their genetic augmentation would not only affect their size but improve their bloodcurdlingly efficient killing style.

Previous instalments have taken place in jungles and built-up cities but the suburbs are the theatre of war in "The Predator."

Black said he hoped his version would be a "Dirty Half Dozen" and paid homage to the 1987 original movie, describing it as "a piece of perfect pop art."

"(It was) the alien craze of the 1980s and the Rambo craze, put together. And it had a wink to it, because you had these muscular guys with weapons that were absolutely ridiculous." — AFP]]>
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Jodie Whittaker gives 'Doctor Who' the female touch
The 36-year-old, who rose to fame in award-winning British drama "Broadchurch", takes over from Scottish actor Peter Capaldi as the 13th incarnation of the Time Lord.

"I knew, obviously, being the first female it was going to have some extra responsibility thrown in," she told 6,500 fans at the annual Comic-Con convention in San Diego, which hosted the cast's first news conference together.

"It's incredibly inclusive and it also feels, knowing that the fans are all over the world like there's this huge Whovian family that you want to be a part of because it's so supportive and inclusive, and fun."

Fans were treated last year to a brief glimpse of Whittaker, walking towards the Tardis in a forest, in a clip shown after the Wimbledon tennis final on BBC television.

At Comic-Con, which attracts 130,000 movie, TV and comics fans from around the world, BBC America dropped the first full trailer which opened with Whittaker's startled expression.

"All of this is new to me," she says, presumably after just regenerating. "New faces, new worlds. New times. So if I asked really, really nicely, would you be my new best friends?"

There were glimpses of the Doctor with her new sonic screwdriver, some impressive-looking shots of alien worlds and the first look at her three new companions.

'She just nailed it'

The adventures of the Doctor — a time travelling, humanoid alien who traverses the universe — have maintained a fervent following since they were first aired in 1963.

The new season gets a 10-episode run and although there is no announced release date, fans are expecting it to return in October.

Whittaker will work alongside "Broadchurch" creator Chris Chibnall, who takes over from Steven Moffat as the new showrunner.

"She just walked in the room she was the Doctor. It was one of those things where you don't know what you're looking for until you see it, and the energy she bought was just the Doctor — but it was new, it was fresh," said Chibnall.

"It was very funny, very emotional. It's really exciting as a showrunner when you see them audition and you want to write instantly, and it suggests scenes. That's what happened really — she just nailed it."

The show is aired around the world and marked its 50th anniversary four years ago with a special episode screened simultaneously in nearly 100 countries.

"The thing about this role, which is why it's so amazing for any actor to play, is that essentially gender is irrelevant and that's completely liberating," Whittaker told the audience.

"As a woman who isn't a genre, is just a woman, I have never approached a role thinking, 'Oh, how do women do this?' I've just done it from my perspective."

Best so far

It was a big day for iconic television shows, with AMC's "Better Call Saul" making its debut at Comic-Con and generating buzz with a new character from sleazy attorney Saul Goodman's "Breaking Bad" days.

"BCS" is a prequel show to the iconic series which introduced fans to Saul (Bob Odenkirk) in its second season, in 2009.

When Saul thinks he's about to be bumped off by Walt (Bryan Cranston) and Jesse (Aaron Paul), he demands to know if it was someone called Lalo that sent them.

While many fans may never have contemplated the line again, the spectre of Lalo returned to San Diego as the cast hit the stage.

Co-creator Peter Gould screened that original Lalo mention from "Breaking Bad" to jog everyone's memory, along with the first image of actor Tony Dalton ("Sens8") as the character.

Co-creator Vince Gilligan declared the fourth season, out on August 6, as the best so far, adding that the overlaps between "Breaking Bad" and "Better Call Saul" were getting bigger.

A trailer teased a more cynical Jimmy, on the verge of going off the rails and becoming Saul following the death of his brother Chuck (Michael McKean) in the season three finale.

"You know why God made snakes before he made lawyers? He needed the practice," says Jimmy. — AFP]]>
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Chance the Rapper buys Chicago news site
Chicagoist was part of a network of city-oriented websites including New York's Gothamist that found a following amid an appetite for a fresher, younger take on local news in the United States.

The sites were abruptly closed last year by publisher Joe Ricketts, a conservative mogul who also owns the Chicago Cubs baseball team, after staff voted to unionise.

New York public radio station WNYC later acquired Gothamist and affiliated sites and confirmed Thursday that Chance, the increasingly prominent 25-year-old rapper, had bought the assets of Chicagoist.

"I look forward to relaunching it and bringing the people of Chicago an independent media outlet focused on amplifying diverse voices and content," Chance said in a statement.

The rapper expressed his intentions quite differently when he broke the news in a song, I Might Need Security.

"I bought the Chicagoist just to run you racist b****** out of business," he rapped on the song, one of four he released on Thursday.

On the track, whose chorus is a melodious rendering of the F-word, Chance attacks Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel over police brutality.

"Rahm, you done! / I'm expectin' resignation / An open investigation on all of these paid vacations for murderers," he said, in apparent reference to police officers who are suspended rather than fired for misconduct.

Chance also took a shot at the Chicago Sun-Times, one of the city's two daily English-language newspapers, for an unflattering article on his child support payments.

Chance, whose real name is Chancelor Bennett, has achieved striking success over the past two years despite defying industry convention by self-releasing all of his music.

The son of a Democratic political aide who worked for future president Barack Obama in Chicago, Chance has been outspoken about the state of the city.

Last year he donated US$1 million (RM4 million) for schools in the Midwestern metropolis amid a government funding crisis in a dispute with the Republican governor of Illinois, Bruce Rauner – whom Chance also lambastes in his new song. — AFP]]>
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Adrian Cronauer, 'Good Morning, Vietnam' DJ, dead at 79
Cronauer, a former US Air Force sergeant, died on Wednesday, according to an obituary published by a funeral home in Troutville, Virginia, where he lived.

No cause of death was given.

Cronauer was a co-author of the original story for Good Morning, Vietnam which the obituary said was "loosely" based on his 1965-66 service as a host on military radio in Saigon.

Robin Williams, who died in 2014, was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actor for the 1987 film, many elements of which were fictional.

Following his military service, Cronauer worked in radio and television before going to law school.

From 2001 to 2009, he served as an advisor to the US deputy assistant of defence, according to the obituary. — AFP]]>
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Scare Diego unleashes terror as Comic-Con kicks off
The Warner Bros-owned studio kicked off the evening at a packed downtown theatre with an exclusive first look at "It: Chapter Two" and its terrifying antagonist, Pennywise.

There was also world-first footage from the upcoming "Conjuring" spin-off "The Nun" and a look at "The Curse of La Llorona", a terrifying childhood myth from Hispanic folklore.

The two-part feature adaptation of "It," Stephen King's 1986 novel, follows seven smalltown children who are terrorized by a killer clown.

While last year's "It" was totally a homage to Rob Reiner's 1986 film "Stand by Me" — another King coming-of-age story — the second instalment looks scary as hell.

"It: Chapter Two" is set 27 years after the first film, and the Losers Club have grown up and moved away — but a devastating phone call brings them back together.

The sneak peak gave the audience their first glimpse at the grown-up cast, which includes Bill Hader, Jessica Chastain and James McAvoy, in a reunion at a Chinese restaurant.

Director Andy Muschietti, who made the first film, promised the sequel, due for release on Sept 6, would be an altogether more terrifying prospect.

"It's going to be scarier, it's going to be more intense, so bring your adult diapers," he joked after the climactic jump scare provoked a cacophony of shrieks.

The Comic-Con fan convention brings 130,000 visitors a year to San Diego, where they spend four days catching up on the latest movies and TV panels, collecting comics and dressing up as their favourite pop culture characters. — AFP]]>
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'Equalizer 2': first sequel for Denzel, director Fuqua
The character, former black ops operative-turned-vigilante Robert McCall, was made famous by the late British actor Edward Woodward, who played him on 1980s TV as a cross between Jack Reacher and a mildly irritated actuary.

Denzel Washington took over the part in filmmaker Antoine Fuqua's big screen version in 2014 and reprises the role in "The Equalizer 2," out in the United States on Friday.

Incredibly, this will be the first sequel ever undertaken by Washington or Fuqua, who have made a combined 60 movies — four together — over four decades.

"When I did 'one' I didn't think about 'two' because I think you would fall into a dark hole. You never know you're going to get a chance again and you've got to leave it all on the field," Fuqua told AFP.

"I just gave it all I had on the first one, and that's that movie. When it came up about 'two' I said, 'Let me read it to see — if you didn't know anything about (number) one, and this was a movie on its own, would it hold up?' And it did".

'Dark angel'

"The Equalizer 2"see McCall — an outwardly ordinary man with devastating combat skills — coming to terms with grief, reading Marcel Proust and working as a Lyft driver, while beating up baddies by night.

His past catches up with him and he ends up in a deadly game of cat and mouse, pitted against an adversary he was least expecting.

For Fuqua, part of the franchise's appeal lies in its repurposing of the ancient mythology of the "dark angel" meting out brutal justice for the downtrodden in a world that usually denies them the privilege.

In the violent conflict between McCall and his enemies, the movie articulates its resonant central dilemma: how can people be held to account for their transgressions when the very concept of morality is under threat?

"Our moral compass says you should pay for what you do in life, and that's what separates us from animals," Fuqua said.

"The people who have lost their way feel like it's just shit people do to one another and that it doesn't really matter or have any consequences. That's not a good thing and that's a bad place to be because then you have no moral compass and your humanity has been lost".

The film's supporting cast includes Bill Pullman, Melissa Leo and Ashton Sanders, the 22-year-old rising star who won acclaim for his performance as the teenage Chiron in 2017's best picture Oscar winner "Moonlight".

Role model

Sanders plays Miles, a young man who lives in McCall's building in Boston and looks up to him as a mentor.

Lacking a positive role model, Miles looks like he might be getting into the kind of trouble that could soon put his life in danger, or even end it, when McCall steps in.

The student-mentor relationship came naturally, says Sanders, since he and Washington, 63, clicked immediately.

On the shoot, Washington would offer his protege the benefit of his nearly 40 years of showbiz experience.

"I remember being on set that first week, and just being super-nervous, psyching myself out when I didn't need to," Sanders told AFP.

"We were in between takes, and Denzel comes out to me, sees me across the room and he's like, 'Hey I noticed you over here — what's going on?'"

Sanders says he explained his problem and Washington simply reminded him he'd been picked based on his audition, that he had already shown he was good enough.

"That was the first week and I wasn't trusting myself over something that had nothing to do with acting," Sanders said, flashing a grin at the thought of the confidence boost Washington gave him.

"It just intervened, like got in the way of what I was trying to create. That's something that I still carry with me to this day". — AFP]]>
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Daughtry returns to rock KL
At almost every other concert I have attended, the artistes would only go on stage half an hour (if you are lucky) – or hours (we are talking about you Bollywood) – later.

The show that was supposed to begin at 8.30pm started at 8.35pm (which is on time in Malaysia), with a recording of Daughtry's song Just Found Heaven. Just when you thought the plan was to entertain the audience with an entire collection of the artiste's songs before they take to the stage, the band led by former American Idol hopeful Chris Daughtry took to the stage, and gave a superb rock concert to the 1,000 strong crowd.

No doubt the concert venue, KL Live @ Life Centre was not huge, but the standing room space was filled with enthusiastic fans who really got the band going.

In fact, Daughtry performed as though they were in a stadium full of fans.

The band last performed in Malaysia 10 years ago, and at one point frontman Chris told the audience to spread the word about how how much they enjoyed to the show, so that the band would not have to wait another 10 years to hold a concert here.

Whether it was newer songs such as Just Like Heaven, Battleships, Deep Down, Long Way Down (the B-side version that Chris said he liked better) and Waiting For Superman, or older hits such as It's Not Over and Home, Daughtry was in its element.

Chris is an excellent singer and with his great showmanship, the crowd was well and truly entertained.

One of the highlights of the night was the band performing a cover version of U2's With Or Without You.

Chris' vocals along with the crowd singing along, reminded us why he stood out from the other competitors during season 5 of American Idol, and how he still stands out as one of the best rock vocalists out there.

Hopefully the next time they are brought down, the show will be held at a bigger venue. They deserve it, and Malaysians need a good rock concert.]]>
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Who runs the world
And just last month, the Malaysian rapper appeared on the music channel's special episode premiere of Yo! MTV Raps, a revival of the iconic show dating back 30 years, which showcased the best of hip hop.

Representing Malaysia in a cypher with some of Asia's top rappers, including fellow local Airliftz, Zamaera showed she was completely comfortable in her element with her hard-spitting, fast-talking bars.

The go-getter describes the experience as "kinda surreal" because as excited as she was, her main thought was still on her craft.

"I felt like it didn't creep up [on] me [nor did I get] that feeling of 'overwhelmingness' until [the episode] actually had aired," she said in a recent sit-down with theSun.

"They asked me to be part of the cypher, so I was excited to come up with something that could really showcase my style of writing and style of rapping."

Her skill at wordplay in poems and short stories, plus a love for music, served as a catalyst to trying her hand at writing song lyrics, and this has since boosted her presence in the rap game.

"Me being in a male-dominated industry I think has only [served] as an advantage for me, because as a woman, you already get scrutinised by the public anyway.

"So you stick out like a sore thumb, but in a good way, you know."

While there are already a number of local female rappers, like Kayda and Hunny Madu, the scene is ripe to house more.

"I really think that stemmed from the fact that there was no one person who wanted to step out and go like: 'Ahhh, let me be a [rapper]', you know?

"Cause once the first step has been taken, really, the second and the third are easier to [take]."

Zamaera currently has three singles to her credit – "I love all of them, like I will play them constantly in my head," she said – with the most recent being the hard-hitting track with a fierce delivery, Still Callin'.

She paid tribute to the track's producer, Aziquebeats, citing the importance of working in a team.

"I had given him a sample of a specific sound that I wanted, and the ending bit where it changes from the second verse he added it on his own – and I thought that was so genius.

"It's about what they can bring to the table as well, 'cause obviously when you make a song, it's not just the person who writes the lyrics … it's the producers, the sound engineers."

In fact, she acknowledges that the most difficult part of the artistic process is relinquishing control to a larger team, something she experienced while recording her debut EP in the US.

She explained: "When you start with yourself, you're thinking about how you write the song, how you want the song to sound.

"[I've] never given so much control to a team of people ever, because out here, I know exactly what I want to sound like … then when I go there, I realise that everything that I thought I knew, I don't know."

Fans can hear Zamaera's new material when she performs at the Good Vibes Festival at The Ranch in Gohtong Jaya, Genting Highlands, this weekend.

"Everybody, if you want to know, you gotta come to Good Vibes before four o'clock [on Saturday] 'cause that's when I'm performing."

At the festival, Zamaera is especially looking forward to seeing US R&B singer SZA perform.

"I feel so strongly [about] SZA, not only because of her music, but because her name is S-Z-A, [which] literally spells out my initials – Sharifah Zamaera Al Edros, S-Z-A. So, it's like you might be my sister, you know, but I love SZA," she said with an infectious laugh.

What's for sure though is that the busy rapper hustles hard.

She finds the time to push out her mixtape DontZzOnMe on SoundCloud, and even has a rap series on social media where she does covers.

"That's the whole point of me making this rap series," she said. "It was to show everyone out there that you don't need to wait.

"You don't need to wait for somebody to call you and say: 'Oh, we want you to perform for our show' … for somebody to say: 'I want to sign you to my label'.

"I used my iPhone. I recorded it. I edited it … you know, live by that Nike slogan – Just Do It – because if you're waiting for the right circumstances, you'll always be waiting.

"You have to nurture the talent, the talent doesn't nurture you."]]>
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Discovery chronicles Thai cave rescue mission
For over two weeks, the facts of how the group ended up in the cave, and the subsequent mobilisation of rescue workers around the globe has been a testament of just how powerful the human spirit can be – while the sudden and tragic death of one of the rescue divers underscored the seriousness of the situation.

Discovery's Operation Thai Cave Rescue unpacks the human and scientific drama behind one of the most difficult and heart-palpitating rescues attempted in human history.

This special focuses on the triumph of the human spirit and the extraordinary scientific and technological innovations used to complete the rescue.

Featuring interviews with medical and mental health experts, renowned cave diving instructors and the world's leading cave diving rescue experts, the film paints a full picture of what the boys and their rescuers were experiencing, and how these heroic divers could recover what was thought initially to be an impossible feat.

Operation Thai Cave Rescue will air on July 23 at 9.55pm on Discovery Channel (Astro channel 551).]]>
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