Suki Waterhouse falls asleep in her clothes

02 May 2014 / 03:02 H.

SUKI Waterhouse (pix) wears her clothes to bed.
The British model is too lazy to get into her pyjamas at night and is constantly falling asleep fully-clothed because she finds being cocooned in her coat so comforting.
She told "I'll sleep in my clothes sometimes. I sleep in my clothes all the time, actually - in my coat. I just hate getting changed for bed; I like the idea of falling asleep in a natural way.
"It's a bad habit, but I will sleep in all my clothes, under the covers. I don't know, it's a comfort thing; I just want to be constantly wrapped in stuff."
The 22-year-old blonde, who is smitten with 'The Hangover' actor Bradley Cooper, has a similarly lacklustre approach to her skincare regime.
Suki joked: "I do try to wash my face before I go to bed now, which I never really used to do. Sometimes, if it's really dire, I won't, but most times I get around to it, even if it's just with water.
"I usually don't take off eye make-up, though, because it's a nightmare and mascara will be running down everywhere. I do keep Lancôme Bi-Facil Eye Makeup Remover by the bed with some little wipes, so I can just roll over and do it."
The candid star grew up in west London and initially only gave modelling a try to rebel against her classic upbringing.
She added: "When I was around 16 or 17 I got asked to model, but because I was very 'tomboy' at the time, I wasn't interested. But then I had a bit of teenage rebellion, and I saw modelling as an opportunity to get away from school and parents, so I thought, 'OK, maybe I will be a model.'
"But even so, I'm still not someone that, like, blow-dries my hair every morning. – Bang Media

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