MH17: Social media users support MAS despite tragic incident

20 Jul 2014 / 16:32 H.

    SEPANG: Despite having to endure two major aviation incidents in a short interval, the international community is still giving their full support to Malaysia Airlines (MAS).
    MAS Facebook page is filled with positive comments from social media users who are sympathetic to the airlines' passengers and crew members on board the doomed flight MH17 which crashed near Ukraine-Russia border.
    Majority users commented inspiring words of support on the airlines' timeline, while only a small number of them were being critical towards the management.
    A commenter, Theo Oud from Netherlands gave his prayers to all on board flight MH17.
    "From Holland, we are still thinking on your MH17 crew and pray for the family," read his comment.
    Another Facebook user, Mohando Hando replied to a comment made by another user that was blaming the airlines for the incident.
    "What happen to MAS could happen to any country, it was not their fault. I am not a Malaysian but am solidly in supporting MAS," it read.
    "Support from Uganda-Africa. We love you MAS don't worry," read her comment.
    A Jenny Rose from United Kingdom said that MAS should not be put to blame for the incident.
    "I will always continue to fly with MAS. This is a horrific act of terror and not MAS' fault. Please don't hurt them any more by abandoning them now when they are mourning a loss too!" her comment read.
    Meanwhile, International airline carriers have been sending their condolences and sympathies via Twitter.
    Singapore Airlines tweeted: "Our thoughts are with the passengers and crew of #MH17, and their families @MAS".
    Singapore Airlines, along with Thai Airways and Lufthansa, are among the carriers that are using the same flight route as MH17.
    Qatar Airways in its tweet read: "On behalf of Qatar Airways, our thoughts are with the relatives of those aboard Malaysia Airlines flight #MH17. We stand ready to assist".
    Kuala Lumpur bound MH17, which was carrying 298 passengers and crew members, was believed to be shot down by pro-Russian separatist in Eastern Ukraine.
    The latest incident happened less than five month after another MAS airliner MH370 with 239 people onboard mysteriously disappeared while travelling from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing on March 8.

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