Our products are safe, says Eu Yan Sang

30 Sep 2014 / 21:05 H.

PETALING JAYA: A local Chinese medicine chain has said it will not remove one of its products, Bo Ying Compound, from shelves as it has not received any directive to do so.
Following news circulating on social media that the product contains high levels of lead, Eu Yan Sang Group senior manager Wong Kah Cane told theSun that the group had not received any directive to withdraw the product from the market as the US Food and Drug Administration is still conducting investigations on the matter.
"However, I wish to stress that it is still unknown whether the product that tested positive for excessive lead is the actual Hong Kong Bo Ying Compound product or a fake.
"This is because we have never exported any Hong Kong Bo Ying Compound to US, so how is it possible for them to ban something that is not being exported there?" he said, adding that all their products are produced locally and comply with all the safety requirements set by the respective health departments.
Wong further pointed out that the Hong Kong Bo Ying Compound is produced there and its manufacturing facility in Hong Kong has obtained all the relevant certificates and accreditation from the government there.
Asked if the Malaysia Bo Ying Compound is safe for consumption, Wong said that the product is manufactured locally and is safe, and that there is a slight difference in terms of its formulation as compared to the Hong Kong version.
"We wish to assure our consumers that all Eu Yan Sang products adhere to the Chinese medicine regulations imposed by the regulatory authorities in the country of origin.
"(As such), every batch of product meets the safety and quality standards for proprietary Chinese medicine set by the local health regulating bodies," he added.
Wong revealed that the manufacturing facility in Malaysia had obtained GMP certification since 1997 and ISO9001 international accreditation 2001 to ensure all products at the facility comply with the stringent safety and quality assurance standards.
On identifying counterfeit products in Malaysia, Wong said: "The consumer can do so by looking at the product registration number or they can always check it with the Health Ministry's website to verify the authenticity of the product."


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