New water rates for Penang

20 Mar 2015 / 01:06 H.

    GEORGETOWN: The Penang Water Supply Corporation(PBAPP) said the new water tariffs announced last year will be introduced on April 1.
    Its general manager, Jaseni Maidinsa said the main objective of the tariff review was to facilitate better water management by reducing consumption and to avoid rationing at all costs.
    Despite the increase, Penang’s water tariffs would still be the lowest compared to other states, which is RM0.32 for every 1,000 cubic litres for the first 35,000 litres.
    “The minimum charge for domestic water supply (RM2.50 per month) and tariff for the first 20,000 litres of domestic consumption per month (RM0.22 per 1,000 litres) has not changed. These charges will remain as the lowest in the country.
    “As such, about 47.4% of domestic water consumers, who pay the minimum charge, or use less than 20,000 litres per month, will not be affected by this tariff review.
    “This means that 229,657 of 481,118 domestic consumers will not be affected by the tariff review,” he told a press conference, here today.
    Jaseni said another 27.9% of domestic consumers who use 20,000 to 35,000 litres per month would pay a maximum of only RM0.60 per month more.
    “This means that 134,973 of 481,118 domestic consumers will pay a maximum of RM0.60 more for their water supply.”
    He said the remaining 119,488 domestic consumers who use more than 35,000 litres of water per month would pay more for high domestic consumption in 2015.
    “The message is simple, to prevent water rationing, use less water and pay less. If you continue to use too much water, be prepared to pay more.”
    Penang’s average trade tariff for the first 500,000 litres consumed per month will be RM1.36 per 1,000 litres as compared to the national average of RM1.45 per litres. – Bernama

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