theSun remains the highest circulated English daily

01 Jun 2015 / 14:09 H.

AUDITED circulation figures for July-December 2014, were formally released by ABC Malaysia on May 29. The latest audit confirms that theSun remains the highest circulated English newspaper (print edition), registering a daily average circulation of 306,023 copies, during the second half of 2014, as compared with 305,473 copies reported for January-June 2014.
This is 19,587 copies (or 7%) more than The Star, which has been reported with 286,436 copies average weekday circulation during the same period, as compared with 291,068 copies during the previous half-year (January-June 2014).
New Straits Times (NST) has been reported with 68,812 copies registering a further 8% decline (5,899 copies) from the average circulation (74,711) reported for January-June 2014.
For New Straits Times, this also indicates a decline of 46,758 copies (40.5%) over the past two years, when compared to its January-June 2013 audited circulation (115,570 copies).
New Straits Times has thus recorded highly dissimilar figures during the past three years, starting from January-June 2012 to July-December 2014, reflecting both dynamic (percentage) increase and substantial decline. Such fluctuation has rarely, if ever, been noticed in any major Asian environment.
Following the increasing demand for our concise, balanced reportage, theSun has consistently maintained a circulation base of over 300,000 copies since 2010. This fact acquires particular significance in market conditions where most other newspapers reflect declining circulation trends.
ABC audited figures for paid dailies represent their circulation across various prices/trade terms, not just at the published cover price.
It should be carefully noted that audited circulation represents “an exact count”. Combining print edition circulation and digital edition circulation is unlikely to be an exact count, since there would be some amount of duplication between the two modes. Particularly so, when the same readers are being offered subscription to both modes at a special package price.
Hence ABC "issues separate certificates for print circulation and digital replica circulation", amplifying that “ABC does not in any way promote the figures as a
combined figure”.
However, ABC Malaysia, and their counterparts in Asia, face a challenging task in maintaining this exact count credibility, as more print plus other media channels develop and push simultaneous content distribution via multiple modes. Auditors must leverage technology to explore the best means "to track" that the "recipient or subscriber has actually accessed and/or downloaded the digital edition", commented an industry analyst.
Published on Monday to Friday and pursuing a free distribution business model, theSun has consistently retained its position as the highest circulated English daily in Malaysia over the past 5 years, concentrating resources on providing concise, balanced, unvarnished editorial content, which also allows scope for prioritising distribution to PMEBs (professionals, managers, executives, businessmen) and the urban white-collar sector. These consumer segments in Malaysia have the most potential purchasing power.
Not surprisingly, a major source for media advertising expenditure in Malaysia estimates that advertising revenue for theSun has grown by around 16% in January - December 2014, compared to January-December 2012.


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