Tun M to star in local film 'Kapsul'

22 Jul 2015 / 14:44 H.

PETALING JAYA: Local filmgoers can expect to catch former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad on screen after the former premier accepted an acting role in an upcoming film “Kapsul”.
The motion picture directed by the late Martias Mohd Ali, which will be screened nationwide on Sept 17, will see Tun M starring in five scenes, including one with main actor Faizal Hussein.
Producer Amru Najmi Osman had said Dr M’s appearance in the film has no relevance with the current political situation.
“In one of the scenes, Dr M will be burying a Vision 2020 time capsule at Putrajaya Monument during his stint as the prime minister,” he said.
“I believe his appearance will give an impact to the film as a whole, as it has a meaningful message and not merely just for the sake of producing a film,” he added.
Amru Najmi also mentioned that Dr M agreed to star in the film as the story line portrays the struggle of the Malays since pre-independence.
The plot revolves around a young man called Zohri (Faizal) who travels back in to the year 1942 and helps defend the country from the Japanese soldiers, feeling the suffering of the Malays before independence.
Zohri was hired by a man, supposedly a 'Datuk' to steal the Wawasan 2020 capsule before he went missing. The film was inspired from the idea by Dr Mahathir about Vision 2020.
“Perhaps many of us have already forgotten about the mission of this country,” Martias said.
He also confirmed to be in the film are Shaharuddin Thamby and a special appearance by Internet millionaire, Irfan Khairi.
A total of 10 popular artists and 30 supporting actors are also involved in the making of the film.
The movie, which was filmed last year, is Martias’ interpretation of the capsule’s physique and its content about Dr M’s Vision 2020 mandate.


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