The coffee experience

26 Oct 2015 / 11:43 H.

IF you have always been a coffee connoisseur and will not settle for anything short of the best beans in your morning cuppa, you are in for a treat. Starbucks Malaysia has moved one step up to offer coffee aficionados the ultimate daily brew at its latest concept outlet, its Reserve Store.
The first of its kind, Starbucks now offers its premier coffee brand Starbucks Reserve™ to Malaysians, further strengthening its hold as the coffee franchise powerhouse and authority in the country.
Now serving hand brewed coffee, the team at Starbucks Reserve™ at The Gardens shopping mall consists of 15 seasoned and passionate coffee masters, ready to deliver an unprecedented coffee experience with its reserve coffee beans.
The store adopts an interior décor design founded on the “heritage” approach and reflects the Starbucks Reserve™ concept, together giving the store a vintage look and classic feel for coffee lovers to relax in and enjoy the sensorial ambiance.
Customers are now able to witness the process of coffee making through a four-minute system where coffee masters display their skills and knowledge to produce the best coffee. The procedure is completed in a five-step method which includes preparation, pre-heating, proportioning, grinding and brewing. By using a ceramic filter bowl, coffee masters are able to revive and deliver different layers of flavours and unique characteristics for each cup of coffee.
Apart from learning the method of making coffee, customers are also able to discover the history of coffee and the culture behind the drink that developed a huge and growing fan base, as well as interact with coffee masters and professionals to relish in the incomparable coffee affair.
Using the rarest and exotic coffee beans sourced across the globe, the beans are roasted in small batches at the Starbucks Reserve™ Roastery and Tasting Room in Seattle, USA. Offering new beans every so often, each bean has its own distinct characteristics and tasting notes, with its own story to tell.
Head to Starbucks Reserve™ today to heighten your senses and take pleasure in a cup of good coffee made by the best at The Gardens shopping mall.

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