How A Debt Consolidation Loan Works For You

09 Dec 2015 / 16:12 H.

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OVER the past few years, I am sure you have heard from family members, friends, colleagues and even random passers-by expressing dis­satis­faction about the rising cost of living, and how much more difficult it is to make ends meet.
Not to mention constant ­reminders to "save up for a rainy day" and "don't spend unnecessarily".
With the cost of living constantly increasing and salaries that only increase marginally, or not at all (for some), it is not uncommon to hear complaints about being inundated with credit card bills, loan repayments, vehicle and residential maintenance fees.
The once famous tag line used in a cookie commercial: "Now you see it, now you don't", unfortunately, no longer applies to cookies, but to our salaries instead!
Many now feel that they will no longer be able to afford a car or a home, much less a holiday overseas, while others are constantly worrying about how to fulfil their monthly payments due to the high and often fluctuating interest rates.
To help in your journey towards financial security for you and your loved ones, Hong Leong Bank is providing you the option of taking up its Debt Consolidation Loan.
This option lets you consolidate all your outstanding debts and thereby enabling you to quickly regain control over your finances.
For example, if you owe RM8,500 and RM6,500 respectively on two credit cards, plus an outstanding personal loan of RM10,000, you can consolidate these three separate debts and pay them off through a RM25,000 Debt Conso­lidation loan from Hong Leong Bank (see chart).
You stand to save up to 2% per annum in effective interest rates.
You also have the option to choose longer loan tenures to bring down the monthly loan payment sum to a more manageable level.
So if you are a Malaysian citizen aged between 21 and 60 years old, with a minimum income of RM24,000 per annum and who have been trying to figure out how to sort out your bills and live a more comfortable life, perhaps it would not hurt to take a peek at what Hong Leong Bank has to offer.
Visit for more, or stop by any Hong Leong Bank branch.

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