Locals robbed of jobs, claims MEF

23 Feb 2016 / 11:35 H.

PETALING JAYA: Foreign workers are doing jobs that can easily be done by locals, said Malaysian Employers Federation (MEF) executive director Datuk Shamsuddin Bardan.
He said a foreign worker is not only a pump attendant at a petrol station but some are also being employed as cashiers.
Describing this jobs as desk jobs, he said locals should be employed in such areas.
He added that in some hypermarkets foreigners have also been employed as supervisors.
"Locals cannot be blamed for feeling upset. Many locals feel that they (foreigners) are taking away their jobs. This should not be happening," he said.
He added that the fact that locals have to compete with foreigners for such jobs is not a very desirable thing.
Shamsuddin said this was not the intention of the government when they started bringing in foreign workers.
"There is also no such thing as 3D-related jobs – dirty, difficult and dangerous - its only what you call those jobs," he said.
He pointed out that when youths were asked to become cooks no one was interested.
"Now with the advent of culinary shows, the rebranding of cooks to chef, more and more youths are applying for culinary studies and there is an over subscription now," he said.
Shamsuddin said with the rebranding of 3D jobs more youths will become interested in such jobs.
He added that technology should be introduced to help build up skills.
The MEF executive director said the job of a rubbish collector can be changed if technology is introduced and this would result in higher wages.
He said the time has also come for the country to start moving away from minimum wage.
"People should be paid a salary based on their skills and with technology the whole scenario of 3D jobs will change and they will get higher wages," he said.
Shamsuddin pointed out that in Japan and South Korea the "3D" jobs are done by locals who take great pride in doing such jobs.
He added that they are helped along with technology and are not lowly paid.
He said by changing the mindset and instilling such culture among the Youth will also help change the perception of the "3D" jobs.


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