Transformation plan for local councils

24 Feb 2016 / 01:06 H.

PUTRAJAYA: Local councils (PBT) must make available all information regarding their expenditure to the public.
Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government Minister Datuk Seri Abdul Rahman Dahlan said it was part of the government's plan to transform PBTs to better engage with the people.
"The people pay taxes but they have little information on how the taxes are spent. In this transformation, the PBTs must provide the data to the public," Abdul Rahman said during a press conference after attending the Local Government State Council meeting held at the Prime Minister's Office here.
The meeting was chaired by deputy prime minister, Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.
Abdul Rahman added in a world where "information is at our fingertips", the data would help the PBTs to explain the daily challenges they face in performing their duty.
"If the data is shared, the people would know where their money goes. It would also make them understand more on the PBTs challenges in collecting the taxes from the public,"he said.
Abdul Rahman hopes that the public would play a better role in engaging with the PBTs in solving any problems.
"Probably, after they understand the setbacks faced by the PBTs, they would find a better solution, including reviewing the amount of tax collected," he said.
Giving the public access to the PBT's financial statement is one of eight points of the transformation plan.
The plan, with a theme of "PBT di hati rakyat" (PBT is at the people's heart) also highlighted the establishment of PBT's service commissions in each state; setting up the Centre of Excellence at KPKT institute in Bukit Tinggi; live streaming programme: online complaints system; PBT's financial autonomy: setting up the PBT radio and finally strategic partnership between PBTs and government/non-government agencies and NGOs.

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