PM wants youth to be involved in volunteerism

09 Apr 2016 / 17:14 H.

SUBANG JAYA: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak today announced the Volunteer Malaysia Award to encourage more youths to participate in volunteerism.
In stating this, Najib said added values would be attached to the award, which would boost the ability of its receipients to be accepted into universities and working sectors.
"The Volunteer Malaysia Award will be divided into three categories – bronze, silver and gold.
"With the award, it would provide an additional value for one when applying into universities, work or entering the government sector," he said this in his speech at the lauching of iM4U Sentral here.
Najib said acceptance into the working sector should not be based solely on a person academic qualifications.
"It is not all about academic, but our leadership as well," he said.
"The quality of leadership is what makes all the difference. The future is all up to us," he added.
Praising the nobility of those involved in volunteer activities, Najib said such intention would not only benefit the country, but it also serves as path towards a person's transformation.
In encouraging youths to participate in the cause, he said one should not only look at something that would give them rewards as a return for their deeds.
"Our contributions (through volunteerism) are massive compared to any reward or money.
"The rewards come in such way that we could bring changes and transformation to ourselves. This is something that cannot be given by anyone, including the government," he said.
The iM4U Sentral aims to become a hub to integrate iM4U's social and developmental programmes for youth.

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