Residents irked by Bangladesh nationals' activities at its High Commission

27 Apr 2016 / 21:38 H.

KUALA LUMPUR: Residents staying around Jalan U-Thant and Lingkungan U-Thant have been having a rather "uncomfortable" life for the past three years as "strangers" roam around their neighbourhood in broad daylight.
Over 70 families, including prominent personalities with Tan Sri titles, businessmen, lawyers and royalty, feel disturbed by migrant workers who make their way to the Bangladesh High Commission located in the vicinity daily for various reasons.
Besides loitering and peering into the houses near the High Commission, they would also dump food and water bottles around the housing area, as well as allegedly urinating and defecating in the bushes nearby.
"We are concerned for our safety here," said resident Hana Sakina Izham, as she shared her concerns with theSun today.
The 41-year old mother of four added she would not let her children play outside during the daytime, fearing what these foreigners would do to them.
Taxis which ferry these foreigners are also parked indiscriminately by the road side, thus causing causing traffic congestion in the area.
"There are houses here left vacant because the people are not comfortable with this situation," Hana told theSun.
She also noted that while there are other embassies, including Turkish, Zambian and Italian in the vicinity, the residents living in the area did not face such problems until the Bangladesh High Commission started operating in the area in 2013.
Hana added that she and the residents have complained to various authorities, including Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL), Land Public Transport Commission and the Foreign Ministry over the issues faced by the residents but claimed no action was taken.
"We want the problem to be highlighted, and action to be taken by the authorities," she added.
A check by theSun saw some Bangladeshis loitering near the main gate of the High Commission and under trees along Lingkungan U-Thant.

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